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"We had some resistance at Blackthorne, some soldiers chased after the attackers, haven't heard anything from then." Operator said in the radio as he went to the room.

Kunoichi's heart warmed as she heard his voice over the radio after her mentoring with Odachi at Little Tokyo. She went up to the roof to watch the gardens, but she didn't know that UAF gotten so far after her training. Kunoichi went up to the top floor where the gardens were.

As she got up there she saw the UAF attacking and Yanlong as the last line of defense. Odachi also was coming up as well, "Kun, we need to set up before they call their helicopter." Odachi calmly says as he ran out from the stairwell and took cover behind one of the covers.

Kunoichi set up near him and the UAF tore through Yanlong, falling down in defeated. More soldiers came out and they set up as well as some UAF came over the garden. "More of these klg!" One of the heroes said as she set up in the rear line and fired. The battle was intense but as it carried on one of them kept cloning and eventually overpowered the army, slowly. "Don't let up!" Odachi yelled as he sprung to slash at the one that cloned, and he fell in defeat, but Odachi was weak. Kunoichi noticed, and saw he was low, she went full offense and fired at their healer.

Eventually Kunoichi slung her Kunai's and they almost hit as she dodged, and she healed the cloner, and a blast went off, causing her to blackout.

"Code red! I repeat multiple attacks at multiple locations!" Kurtz roared over the radio. Boh stopped dead in his tracks as he approached the gate and Dark stopped behind him. "Everything ok?" Dark asked as she went to look at Boh's face. "Intruder!" Someone from the gate shouted, but Boh signaled them.

"A Morlock tried to kidnap her, let her in." Boh said. "Well we got intruders and attackers at Little Tokyo and Blackthorne." The soldier said as he opened the gate, Boh and Dark came in. "It's a full on war around here sir!" The soldier stated as the gate closed right behind them. "Well no shit, let me get her to someone then I'll go..." Boh started but a shot rang out and blood splattered on his face. The soldier was shot as some of the Shoremen came out from the forest; Fischer, Cast, and Scum came out from there gun blazing.

"Take cover!" Dark yelled as some soldiers sprang to their feet, and Dark ran for cover. Boh followed and the soldiers fired at the Shoremen. "Hahaha my type of fight!" Cast exclaimed as he shot down the gate, and Fischer kicked it down.

"Take no prisoners!" Cast said as he launched a harpoon right through one of the soldiers. Boh fired at the three as they took cover, and some KLG ran out, fighting the Shoremen. Dark covered her head and ducked behind one of the vans as Boh fired at them.

Scum noticed and fired his bug spray at them, thankfully they were able to dodge it, barely. But the van was corroding, and as Boh and Dark found new cover Fischer shot at them, Dark was almost hit, a shot grazing her hoodie.

Then the Shoremen retreated as Pris came out and threw her stun grenades at them, and Cast was shot at his legs. "Fucking Scallywags!" Cast cursed as he tripped and his allies retreated without him. Boh rushed over to disarm him but Pris already did so, and she kept him down. "Did someone not realize we had a deal?" Pris said. "Yargh! The UAF made a better deal and they had us on the plank." Cast explained. "You have all that firepower and yet you lost?" Pris said, baffled at the fact. "They had that old man and that Australian scallywag." Cast said, but Boh interrupted, "Cross or Code?" Boh asked. "Yea that Cross man." Cast said, Pris let him up.

"I'll help you all again, I didn't want my crew dying anymore, it was either that or I let my crew down." Cast said. "You already know darling Kurtz won't be too happy with this Cast." Pris said, and Cast nodded, "Yea I know but shit mate, I'll walk the plank." Cast said as he went to follow one of the Commanders that have rushed out, and they led Cast to Kurtz.

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