Let Down

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"What happened next?" Steele slurred, he was clearly shitfaced as he couldn't stay still, he kept moving, couldn't stay still as he talked with his fellow friends which he grew to call family. "Alright alright, so I walk into the garage and I see the stockpile, thankfully me and Operator already had a chopper coming in, but the UAF was high on us." Sentry said and Operator chuckled.

"You don't remember any of it do you?" Operator asked and Sentry shook his head slowly. "Y'all keep drinking, I gotta go to the roof." Operator said as he got up, grabbing his rifle. "Come on! Just a few more drinks!" Steele said as he stood up, almost stumbling over nothing. "I got a job to do still." Operator said as he walked out and went to the staircase, he saw Commander Welker as he went up the stairs, Welker was writing something on a clipboard. "Everything ok sir?" Operator asked and Welker only frowned. "One of the garage's windows are broke, Kurtz is making a fuss over it and he wants it repaired, can you do that for me?" Welker asked and Operator nodded, "No problem sir." Operator said as he walked up the rest of the stairs and went onto the roof. He went down to the garage and he saw one of the panels missing.

He looked inside and saw that it looked empty and was silent, he picked up the radio and he tuned in. "Kurtz, did you possibly have a soldier or Tess out of the garage due to the window?" Operator asked and he listened. "I have a soldier posted in there, why do ask?" Kurtz asked. Operator's mind started to fill with possibilities that could lead to disaster, "The garage is baron, and I dont hear Tess." Operator said into the radio, he slowly peeked in and saw the door creaked open. "Jackson, is my daughter in there?" Kurtz said, his voice was stern and still held power through the radio. "I'll check sir." Operator said and he jumped into the garage, he stuck the landing and made his way to the door. "I pray to God nothing would happen to my daughter, if anyone did anything to her I'll rip their heart out if she dies." Kurtz said into the radio, Operator felt chills down his spine as he went into Tess's room, it was quiet and no sign of her. "Kurtz, please tell me she is somewhere and this isn't a joke." Operator said and he waited. "Jackson, search that room clearly, closely, and make sure she isn't gone, I'll send someone to fix the window just find her!" Kurtz ordered and Operator felt more goosebumps on his body.

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