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Boh sat alongside Dark in the van, they were being rescued by the virus that has been eradicated, only now the hosts are now dying out. "Im sorry Boh." Dark said as she rubbed his back, Boh still getting over the loss of his close friend.

"He didn't deserve this." Boh said, he fiddled his hands together, and looked down, he felt guilty for having to kill his friend, Yosai. It wasn't their fault, it was the chemical war that has broken out between Kurtz and the Shoremen.

"He's in a better place now, remember that." Dark said. Boh just ignored it partly, he couldn't help but grasp how the person he grown to love can so easily get over a death of someone close. "Babe?" Boh said, he looked over to Dark. "Yeah?" Dark responded, her expression was innocent.

"How can you easily get over people's deaths?" Boh asked, and Dark looked down a little bit. "Ive... Ive just been dealt with it all my life, my family always died, I never got to mourn, instead I always had to power on, its just how I grew up, im sorry." Dark said, leaning against her lover. "Dont worry, I just wanted to know Canadian." Boh said, he slightly laughed at his joke, Dark just smiled and slowly dozed off.

"Mauler! We got intruders!" Maya shouted as she stormed into his house. Mauler quickly jumped up, he was in normal clothes, he was about to fall asleep so the sudden alarm didn't appear important, he sluggishly rose to his feet and followed Maya, when a Molotov exploded right at her feet.

"Ring the bell!" Mauler shouted as Maya ducked out of the way. "This is not a drill!" Mauler shouted to the people starstruck by the sudden orders barked.

Mauler quickly ran back inside to grab his weapons and his gun, as he ran out he heard the roar of armoured trucks and vans speeding up to crash through the gates. By now the alarm rang out, signalling there was an attack. "Ballard, get your ass out here!" Mauler banged on the shed outside his house, and he heard some crashing in it. As he waited impatiently he was shoved down and a masked man appeared, he had a metal mask with small metal spikes on it, he had goggles as the eye openings and the nose and mouth was a gas mask.

The masked man lowered his rifle to match Mauler's head, before he could fire Ballard came out of the shed and fired his shotgun at the attacker's chest, he instantly was blasted back, dropping his gun and grabbing his chest in pain. "C'mon let's save em" Ballard calmly said and he picked Mauler up.

"Thanks." Mauler said as he ran to cover from the other attackers that have infiltrated the base. "Kill the children, take no prisoners!" The leader screamed the battle orders, and instantly his troops seemed to reset, and shot at everyone

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