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It was a calm, cool day through the forest, barely any life persisted through the outraging wars, birds would rarely ever land and live in this forest. Leaves calmy feel when the wind blown, and dusk was slowly approaching over the treeline.

"What are we out for again mate?" Mxeno asked, as he saw him slowly trying to line up a shot. He knelt down and saw he was aiming for a squirrel. "Don't say anything." Cross whispered as he steadied, and took his shot.

The arrow hastily moved from the force and hit the prey, sticking it to the bark of the tree. "Nice! Thats dinner right there mate." Cross gloats as he loaded an arrow and walked over to grab dinner. "Ya know we are heading back to the stadium right mate?" Mxeno said. Cross just rolled his eyes and he became serious.

"Just until UAF can find a way to pay both of us." Cross said. "Why can't we just wait till someone comes with a good price?" Mxeno asked. "Why cant ya get off your bitch mate?" Cross asked, looking at him as he tossed the squirrel over to him and started walking again.

Mxeno only sighed and put the squirrel on a rope and slinged it over his shoulder. "Ya remember that bloke telling us where the subway was?" Cross asked as he stopped. "He said it was covered up by debris, so once we find some trees toppled over then we look there." Mxeno answered.

"There ya go, already better than your father." Cross joked and Mxeno only chuckled a bit. "There is easier ways to actually remember right mate?" Mxeno said and Cross nodded his head, "I don't plan to anyways."

After an hour of looking for their goal they found trees slowly fallen over and shaking as winds passed through, concrete was raised from the earthquake months ago. The inside was more run down and ruined throughout multiple gun fights and bombs exploding near or in the subway.

"Ah here we go." Mxeno said as he walked over to the concrete, Cross turned his head and slowly walked over. "Almost missed it too." Cross said to himself and hopped in. "Wai-" Mxeno started but Cross only laughed. "Come on don't be a pussy mate, nothing like going through an old, abandoned subway." Cross said, he then looked up, the sunlight sunlight glares on his face, as he smiled his son jumped down. "Nice one!" Cross joked as he helped him up.

"Dad you know you could have trained me a bit?" Mxeno said as he stood as his feet, pulling out his flashlight. "Na your mom should have." Cross said as he waited for Mxeno to illuminate the dark subway. "Ya gonna light it up?" Cross asked then he looked over to his son, looking at father in disgust. "Don't you remember? You left me with her damn well she hoping you come back, then you never did, she died trying to get you back, Dad." Mxeno said and Cross just sighed. "I was held basically at my will, im sorry." Cross said, his voice low. "I was only 15, they basically kicked me out, I was scared, alone, and hopeless." Mxeno said, his voice slightly shaky.

"Son, you don't know how much I missed you, I hoped that I wouldn't have shot you in a KLG suit, you know how much weight that carries?" Cross asked. "Yeah, I know." Mxeno said in defeat. "Just light this area up and we can go back to the stadium." Cross asked. Mxeno sighed and turned his flashlight on, it illuminated the shadowy subways, graffiti all around the walls, overgrown nature through the roof, and covering some rails.

Mxeno just started walking and Cross followed behind him, every now then he'd signal where they had to turn, which hole they'd go through, until they came across a exit. "You think we can get out through there?" Mxeno asked. "This is close, id rather go a bit more further." Cross said as he turned to go another way, when he saw a body almost fully decomposed when Mxeno shined light onto it. "Imagine how long thats been there." Cross said as he motioned to go down the tunnel. "Thats sick." Mxeno said as his almost threw up.

"C'mon, you had to see worse." Cross said, Mxeno just shook his head and kept walking, but Cross didnt follow. "A thousand if you find out about this bloke." Cross grinned as his son turned around. "No, respect the dead." Mxeno said but Cross didnt stop. "Ten thousand." Cross offered. "Goddamnit." Mxeno said as he walked back, his voice shaky as he lifted the blood soaked uniform shirt, maggots instantly crawled and Mxeno jumped back, Cross knelt down. "You cant tell from his tag but it was Kurtz officers." Cross said as he looked at the arm sleeve, the jacket still intact.

Cross looked up and saw him throwing up, his fist against the subway wall. "You owe me." Mxeno choked on the last bit of puke, he spat it out as Cross walked by. "Don't worry mate I got ya, lets keep going." Cross said as he heard radio static. He stopped and raised his bow, only to lower it as he found out the source was a room off to the side, he found a bit of the roof broken off that lead to outside as the orange light filled part of the room.

"I found our way out mate!" Cross said as he poked his head to see him coming over. "Nice to get out of this shithole." Mxeno said as Cross jumped up and onto the outside world. "Mate, I don't have that shit on me." Mxeno said as he jumped, barely even reaching the ceiling.

Cross sighed as he pulled vines from the trees and threw them down. "Climb it."

It was nightfall now and Cross sat across from Nham, Mxeno was patrolling the abandoned building while his father and his acquaintance.

"I cant keep having him alongside me throughout this war, he might even die and I dont want that for him." Cross started. "Its not my fault, its yours for having a kid in this time." Nham said and Cross sighed. "Work with me please, I cant keep him in danger like this." Nham only shook his head. "We are already at max capacity, we have our supplies thin and winter is coming, im sorry Cross but you'll have to keep him with you." Nham said as he was about to walk out.

"I'll pay you! I'll get supplies for you, I can get intel, yes intel for you!" Cross said and Nham stopped dead in his tracks.

Nham was silent for a minute then he turned back around. "I better get it by next week." Nham ordered and Cross shook his head almost instantly.


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