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"Nice, maybe try to be more relaxed and hold it more steady." Yin said as he looked at Kaishi's target. "Sniper isn't good, firearm better." Kaishi said as he leaned the sniper against the wall and walked over to Yin.

"Your also becoming more fluent with your english, maybe one day you'll be able to help the people's guard." Yin said. Kaishi only smiled and shook hands with Yin. "Today I do have to help Maul out, I promise tomorrow we'll be out here all day." Yin said and Kaishi frowned a bit.

"You promise today, you keep delaying." Kaishi said. "Im sorry, but things happen." Yin said as he walked off, leaving Kaishi stranded out in the field.

Later that day Kaishi sat outside his home, reading a note that was given to him from Savage. "With the results we received your chances have gone up, tonight show up and come armed." Kaishi smiled as he read the last few words. He may actually be able to show the People's Guard that he can be talent they need, talent they deserved.

"Kaishi, come over here!" Maya said as she started to pull the chain, letting the gate slowly open, Kaishi rushed over and helped his twin sister out. The gate came open and Ballard walked through the gates, a body slumped over his shoulder.

"Ballard, who'd you kidnap this time?" Maya said as he stopped in his tracks. "I didn't kidnap, I was offered." Ballard said as he smiled evilly and he walled away. "Jeez the guy is a creep show." Maya said and Kaishi chuckled. "News, from People's guard." Kaishi started and Maya's face lit up.

"Is my brother going to their base?" Maya asked as she put her hands together in excitement. Kaishi nodded and Maya hugged him. "Finally!" Maya said as Kaishi grunted, but he smiled and hugged back.

Maya broke away and still was gleeful. "Will you tell everyone? Can you please stay for dinner?" Maya asked and Kaishi laughed. "I must leave, can stay." Kaishi said and Maya smiled a little bit. "Promise me you'll learn more english, but still be a badass." Maya said, Kaishi nodded and he helped her close the gates and they went to the main building.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, today we are serving dinner, first come first serve, and today someone is going to leave for the People's Guard army!" Mauler said and almost everyone stayed quiet, some went to get their dinner. "Kaishi will be leaving very soon, everyone wish him luck and a good note." Mauler said and some cheered. Kaishi smiled as he stood up and some congratulated him, wishing him luck.

"No shit mate!" Ivanova said as she gave Kaishi a fist bump. "Make us proud, maybe one day you'll be remembered as a hero." Ivanova said, Kaishi nodded. "I won't, promise." Ivanova smiled and let Kaishi get his dinner. When he was done he got to the and heard people cheer for him as he left. "See you there." Mauler said as he followed Kaishi out, when he opened the gate Kaishi stood and took a deep breath. "Do you need directions?" Mauler asked and Kaishi shook his head.

"Good luck." Mauler said and Kaishi nodded, he walked out of the gates. Kaishi then walked the path down the hill and pulled out his map, it was gonna be a long journey but as long as he kept a steady pace, he'd be there before the required time, with that he set off, following all the necessary turns and twists.

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