The Special

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The group walked into the mess hall, there was only two other soldiers in there. “Over here.”
Yosai said walking towards the front of the mess hall.
Everyone sat down at the table, Serj walked by in a apron. “What do you all want?” Serj asked.
“Woah didn't expect you Serj what you doing cookin?” Rogue asked .“Im helping Caine cook.” Serj said as he pulled out a notepad and pen from a pocket in the
apron. “Ooo what is he cookin” Yosai asked.
“The special, Caines Crispy Chicken.” Serj said. “Woo woo!” Yosai celebrated.
“Yea he wants me to help cook so what will i get for y’all?” Serj asked. “The special.” Yosai said.
“And get Doctor Boh here the special too.” Yosai said.
“You sure, Mr. Boh?” Serj asked Boh himself. “Yea.” Boh replied.
“Ok, i'll be back in a bit.” Serj said taking the rest of the orders and going back into the kitchen.
“We might as well get a party set up.” Rogue said. Yosai just smiled
“Jackson, I want to congratulate you on your efforts the past few weeks.” Kurtz said in his chair.
“Thank you sir.” Operator said.
“And i know that you went outside of friendly territory to do what now?” Kurtz asked. “Sir, I
wanted to have some alone time.” Operator said.
Kurtz just looked at him. “Something bad could have happened out there, and we wouldnt
know.” Kurtz said.
“I don't want to lose one of my best men out there just because he wanted to let loose.” Kurtz
said. “Sorry sir, it won't happen again i promise.” Operator said.
“Good, now enjoy the rest of your night Jackson.” Kurtz said. “Yes sir.” Operator said as he
walked out of Kurtz’s office.
Serj walked over with the food on a tray. “I got you all your food.” Serj said walking over.
“Here we go.” Yosai said rubbing his hands together. “Yosai, here's your chicken, and Boh
here’s your chicken as well.” Serj said handing them their food.
“I'm hungry, haven't eaten anything all day.” Brittany said. “Amen to that.” Yosai said as he dug
into his food.
Boh poked at the chicken, he was a bit peckish. Yosai noticed it and stopped for a second, “You
gonna eat it?” Yosai asked
“Yeah, I will.” Boh said as he picked up a piece of the chicken. He hesitated then he took a bite.
Boh was amazed at how good it was. “Jesus Christ this is good!” Boh exclaimed. Yosai just
laughed along with the group.
As the group finished up their meals they all were full. “One of the best meals I had in awhile.”
Boh said as he wiped his mouth off.
“I bet, but now we should head to bed.” Yosai suggested as he stood up and stretched.
“Probably the best thing.” Philip said as he yawned.
“Everyone tired?” Boh said. “Yea some of us has been up since 5am this morning.” Rogue said.
“Alright alright calm down, we’ll head to the sleeping quarters.” Yosai said, then everyone got
The group walked to their sleeping quarters and said “goodnight” to each other. “Um… where
do I sleep again?” Boh asked as Yosai walked over to his bed.
“Just find a bed that doesn't have anyone sleeping in it.” Yosai said as he laid down.
As Boh looked for a bed he was surprised how many soldiers were at the KLG. He eventually
found a bed that was unoccupied.
Boh still had his gear on so he took it off, it made some noise which made someone go, “Shhh!”
Boh just gave him a side look as he laid down and closed his eyes.

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