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Far away from all of the chaos, the war that never stretched this far, the Patriots have a base, an old farmhouse, windmill in the front, and a small chicken coop in the back. Untouched by bullets, bombs, and any scratches.

"Good morning." Flatline said to Phalanx as she walked into the kitchen, it was very classic and the back door lead to the chicken coop and some targets. "Morning." Phalanx replied as she took a sip of her coffee. "How'd you sleep?" Flatline asked as she got the coffee machine pouring into her cup. "All I heard was Surge messing around downstairs." Phalanx said, she smiled a small bit.

"You know what he's doing, right?" Flatline asked, Phalanx shook her head as she played an old newspaper word games. "He's trying to build a communication radio." Flatline said and Phalanx paused. "Why is he trying to do that?" Phalanx asked. "We need more people, six cant cut it." Flatline said, she took her coffee cup and sat down by Phalanx. "We don't need to make ourselves known, we already got part of the war that's enough." Phalanx said as she sat down her coffee cup. "Your not seeing the picture here, we need to play a part in reclaiming this land." Flatline said. Phalanx sighed and she filled in the rest of the newspaper. "Look, if we need more people then that's fine, but we cant let the UAF know our position or we are done for." Phalanx said and she heard a knock on the door, she jumped up and walked over to the front door and opened it. "Sorry to bother you this morning Phalanx, but I got some news to share with you." Jake said, he was a KLG soldier who was mainly militia, he also went around and gave Kurtz's allies news.

"Come in and sit down." Phalanx said, Jake stepped in and walked over to the couch, Phalanx closed the door and sat down on the chair. "I have some good news and bad news, a lot of bad news unfortunately." Jake said and Flatline looked over from the Kitchen, Phalanx just nodded. "What's the bad news?" Phalanx asked and Jake put his hands together. "Bad news is Yosai was infected with this thing going around, and he died from it." Jake broke the news to her and Phalanx's face dropped, she felt like she was punched, and left to die.

"Kurtz wanted to let you know since, you spent time with him, and I also got some good news." Jake said as he looked at Phalanx, she was sad and he thought of ways to make the good news cheer her up. "Also, the war is coming to an end, he got a way to end it, when it does he'll come here and help you rebuild this land." Jake said and Phalanx nodded slowly.

"That's all there is." Jake said and Phalanx nodded. "Thanks, for telling me." Phalanx said a bit slow and Jake got up to leave, but Flatline stood up. "Wait, I got a question." Flatline said and Jake turned around. "Do you have a radio tower we can us?" Jake thought for a second then he looked back at her. "Not too far from here, why'd ya ask?" Jake asked. "We might be using it and I wanted to know." Flatline said and Jake nodded. "We haven't been there in over a year so it may not be standing, down the road a bit, past Fort Bravo there should be a dirt path leading to it, the trees cover it up last time we checked." Jake explained the path and Flatline nodded. "Thank you." Jake nodded and waved goodbye as he left the house, Flatline walked over and comforted Phalanx, a tear slowly rolled down her face.

"I really cared about him, I, I just wish I could have told him how I felt." Phalanx said and Flatline hugged her. "He's in a better place now." Flatline said.

"Its ready, we just need to get this up there, into the car and get this in the tower, then when someone comes they should relay to us!" Surge explained his plan to Flatline. "I think its good, I know the way there so lets do it." Flatline said and Surge smiled. He grabbed the radio and he carried it to the car while Flatline set up the radio in the basement. Surge went down there to help and then once they were done they went to the car and drove past Fort Bravo.

"There is the trail." Flatline pointed as she turned the car off and got out, Surge did the same and he looked at it. "What about the radio?" Surge asked. "It isn't a far walk, we make sure it hasn't collapsed then come back to get it." Flatline explained and Surge nodded. Flatline made sure her revolver was loaded and then followed the dirt trail, Surge followed her.

As they came across the clearing they saw an old cabin with the radio tower across from it, Flatline noticed some motorcycles parked outside of it, she pointed to it and Surge noticed a symbol on the side of it. "It's the Outlaws." Surge whispered and Flatline sighed. "They're inside then." Surge noticed some Outlaws exiting it and heard some faint music, when the door was closing he heard some pool balls colliding.

"Lets sneak around back then take em out." Flatline said and Surge nodded, they used the treeline as cover and came around the back, an Outlaw was fixing his motorcycle as he smoked his cigar. Flatline snuck up behind him, then put him in a headlock and knocked him out, she took his gun and tossed it to surge.

Flatline then put her head against the back door, no one was near it so she cracked it open. No one was in sight so she slipped in, closing the door behind him and Surge stayed back. She noticed a door open that lead to a cellar, she went to it and saw a man tied up. He had bandages wrapped around his wrists, he had his amour on, it covered his torso and went to his bandages. His clothes were slightly ripped. Flatline went over and checked his pulse, it was weak, she then got ready to give him some life so she did her thing, she felt slightly drained but the man slowly woke up.

"Stay quiet, i'm here to rescue you." Flatline whispered to him and he slowly opened his eyes. "They got my gun." The man mumbled as he motioned to a table, it had his gear including his rifle. Flatline nodded as she went over to give it to him, she cut him free and helped him up. "Thank you." The man mumbled as he took his rifle, it was spray painted a mixture of black and red, it also had a knife taped to the front.

"Name is Flatline, what about yours?" Flatline said in a low voice. "Name is Lucky." Lucky said. "Ok, we don't have too much time, we need to-" A biker cut her off, the bar was growing silent as they noticed something. "We got some fucker outside!" A biker shouted, the Outlaws were distracted and Flatline saw an opportunity, she motioned for Lucky to follow her and she took cover behind a wall and counted down.

"3" The bikers stopped what they were doing and went to the windows. "2" The Outlaws grabbed their guns and started to go towards the double doors. "1" No one noticed that Flatline and Lucky was about to shoot, their attention focused on Surge outside. Flatline was the first to fire a shot, the bullet hitting an Outlaw and Lucky followed up, and soon the Outlaws dropped like flies. "In the back!" A outlaw shouted as some tried to shoot at Lucky and Flatline, but they were shot down, and soon they all were dead.

Flatline reloaded her gun and Lucky checked his bullets. "Thank you once again, I'm in debt to you." Lucky said and Flatline chuckled a bit. "Don't worry, we can get you back then you can thank me." Flatline said and Lucky nodded, Surge then came through the front. "Nice work Flatline... who is that?" Surge asked as he pointed to Lucky. "The Outlaws had him captive, his name is Lucky." Flatline said.

"Nice to meet you." Lucky held out his hand and Surge introduced himself.

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