Five Days Later...

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"5.02, you're getting there." Operator clocked in as he was training Nham once again. Today's drill was cardio and Nham had to run the fastest in 50 yards, he also had some body amour to simulate the weight he would run with in actual combat.

"Faster than before." Nham panted as he took a seat on the bench, it was 89° today so it was very hard to exercise in. "Not much I can say about it, fly forward and keep balance." Operator said as he marked it down. "I just wanna know how this will apply in actual combat." Nham asked, and Jackson bolted up. "There are multiple situations you'd need to run in amour. Chasing the enemy so they can't retreat, retreating, and simply running in for reinforcements." Operator explained. "Fair enough." Nham said.

Operator also checked the temperature as the sun started to slowly fall over the horizon. "We should head back to base, nighttime is falling." Operator said, and Nham got up. They walked back to base and Yosai opened the door for them, "How's your eyes going Yosai?" Operator said as he looked at him. "Of course." Yosai said. "Hey, I'm going to the break room." Nham said as he continued walking. "Can you talk to Kurtz to see if he'll let me out on another mission?" Yosai asked Operator before he walked off. "You were critically injured, even though you recovered quickly he doesn't wanna continuously put anyone's life at risk." Operator said, and he kept walking to the break room, Yosai followed.

"Well I've been training around here as well, I've been working out with Vanguard." Yosai said as they sat down, Nham was getting some water. "Working out getting stronger won't always work, you got to get stronger mentally and always make sure you care for those you know won't turn their back on you." Operator said, and Nham walked over with his water. "What does that exactly mean then?" Yosai asked.

"Look out for your team and for the ones you care about if you were out on a mission and you happen to have to make a quick decision you always watch out for your team." Operator explained. "We all know who you care bout' Op." Vanguard said as he walked in and Operator sighed, "Oh God." Vanguard just laughed, "what? You embarrassed much that you fucking around with a ninja?" Vanguard teased him and Operator's face went red. "Imma spill some beans on my boy right here." Vanguard said as he pounded Operator's shoulder, and Nham kicked up his feet. "So it all started last night, had to walk past his room to get to the meeting room for my mission and I hear him getting at it." Vanguard said and both Nham and Yosai laughed.

Operator just put his head down, in embarrassment. "You learn anything new, cowboy?" Vanguard joked once more.

"We're here." Boh said as he put the car into park. Dark woke up from her short nap and rubbed her eyes, they were at the stadium now they had to get Brogan from the stadium. Both got out of the car and looked at the stadium, multiple mercenaries and arms dealers were on the sidewalks, exchanging the gear, weapons, and even rations they had.

"Jeez, I never knew that so many people would be huddled up here." Dark quietly said, and Boh looked over. "It's all along the East side, you should see places like Canada." Boh said, and Dark looked down. "What if that guy is here?" Boh looked back at the stadium. "Let's get done with the mission then we kill him." Boh answered in Vengeance.

Dark smiled and the duo went to find Brogan. It was hard to find him but eventually, Boh saw him shooting pool with a few other people, battling for a crate that most likely contained alcohol and guns. Boh observed and kept an eye on Dark as she sat down.

"Money shot." Brogan said in a cocky manner as he took his shot, hitting the 8 ball in and winning. He let out a howling laugh as the crate was handed to him and some of the people cheered, and Brogan shook hands with the loser.

As Brogan started to walk away Boh approached him. "Hey, Brogan." Boh said, putting a hand on Brogan's shoulder. "Eh, whatcha want?" Brogan asked as he slowly turned around. "The Magistrates need ya back, it's important." Boh said as Dark got up and stood at Boh's side. "Na, if they wanted me back Dogface's old ass would come and get me." Brogan said as he turned around to walk away. "Except the UAF took him, he lost defending the city hall and the Mags are managing, but they need the left-hand man." Boh said, stopping Brogan.

"Him? He would have gone with a fight, not getting captured." Brogan said. Boh sighed and he cleared his throat, that attracted some people's attention. "No, he fights for them now." Boh said. "Na, bullshit you're trying to get me back, ain't happening fucker." Brogan said.

Some man walked over as Brogan finished. "What's going on over here?" He asked and Dark looked over, it was the same person who killed Serj. "Leo, I got this, don't..." Brogan started but Dark interrupted. "You're the asshole who killed him!" Dark yelled at Leo, and he looked over. More people looked over and the person who seemed to be running the place. "Who do you speak of?" Leo asked, but Dark lost her temper and kicked Leo to the ground.

Some people got up to break up the fight, Dark put her hands around his neck and started to choke him. Someone was able to pull Dark away a little bit which Leo went up and put Dark to the ground, pistol on her forehead. "What is the meaning of all this?" Some lady shouted as she hustled over. "This young girl attacked me, for reasons unknown." Leo said, and Dark tried to say something bit Leo moved his finger on the trigger. "This is supposed to be a peaceful environment, what horseshit do you think you can pull off without anyone noticed!" The lady shouted again.

She then looked at Boh, which had his gun pointed at Leo. "You, you'll pay for this when you come back Boh." She said and walked off, Leo let Dark up and Boh and Dark were kicked out of the stadium, and Brogan stayed there.

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