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Yosai felt unsettled, lying in the bed. He felt ready to go but his body still ached, he thought it was just his adrenaline. "You ready?" Phalanx asked as she opened the door.

"I can try." Yosai said as she walked over, and tried to get him to his feet. Yosai couldn't stand up by himself. "It's gonna be a slow recovery." Phalanx said as Yosai's legs trembled.

"Its something..." Yosai grunted as his leg stopped shaking and he tried to walk again. He didn't fall but he almost did. Phalanx chuckled, and smiled. "Didn't expect that." Phalanx joked

Yosai stopped and looked at Phalanx, "You are dealing with a hero." Yosai flirted, masking it. Phalanx laughed a bit. "Point, but if you got defeated on your first match, so..." Phalanx said, Yosai looked away, and blushed a bit.

Phalanx just laughed again. "Lets see if you can at least walk into rooms." Phalanx said as she opened the door and let Yosai slowly follow.

Surge walked out from the basement and saw him walking. "He is ok right?" Surge asked. "He is still breathing." Phalanx said.

He just shrugged and grabbed a water bottle. "What you gonna use it for?" Phalanx asked, knowing the answer. "For my inventions, and my gear so i can try to improve it." Surge said as he opened the basement door.

"Shoulda known that answer." Sapphyr commented. Yosai chuckled, and Sapphyr looked at him.

She had blonde hair and dark blue eyes, she also had a tattoo of the flag on her neck. "Patronic much?" Yosai joked noticing the tattoo.

"I just love my country." Sapphyr said.

Boh got out of the truck as it was put in park, he went to the back to get the supplies, and prisoner. As he opened the back and the sunlight flooded the back, Dexter sat still, letting his eyes adjust. "Is this my end?" Dexter asked as he slowly stood up.

"Could be, not a guarantee." Boh said as he got Derrick down from the back, Brittany and Jacob came over to get the supplies from the back as well. "Put him in the cells." Kunoichi ordered.

Boh nodded and went to go put Dexter in the cell. "If your gonna execute me tell me." Dexter said. "Look, if i dont know how can i do it?" Boh said.

As Boh opened the door to the cells he felt the cold air, but it felt pretty warm to him. On the other hand Dexter tensed up as the cold air hit him. "Jesus no ventilation?" Dexter said. "Na we just keep all the cold shit down here." Boh joked.

"I can freeze down here!" Dexter said, retaliating a bit. "You wanted to pay back for what your father did, so either you do it or we kill everyone back at your home." Boh threatened.

Dexter stopped rebelling and was dragged to his cell, Boh didn't see Oracle in the cell so he thought she was out, or getting evaluation or something. Boh locked the cell Dexter was in and walked back upstairs.

"Hey Boh!" Cinder said as Boh closed the door. "Yeah what's up?" Boh asked as he leaned against a wall. "I need to ask you something, in private." Cinder said. "Can it wait by chance? I gotta help get the supplies and what not." Boh asked. "Yeah sure, can we meet up later then?" Cinder asked. "That'll work, maybe around 9ish?" Boh said.

"Perfect, maybe in the mess hall or something?" Cinder suggested. Boh nodded and shook hands with Cinder, and Boh went to help get supplies.

Operator sat in the mess hall once again, he took a break from moving and lifting more stuff. Thankfully they were almost done so he needed to finish strong, some soldiers were already hanging out around the foyer since there was little to be done. When Gammond came in Operator looked up, and Gammond said, "Howdy."

"Gooday." Operator said as Gammond came by and sat down. "Salvatore said you were gonna take Nham with ya to help him train." Gammond said. "Yeah, its the plan, and in a week I'll bring him back." Operator said, and he noticed the rest of the soldiers of the KLG started heading back to the foyer. "Well I got to take care of them so see ya around Gammond." Operator said then got up to go to the foyer.

Gammond walked past him and went to the gate, Operator went to the front of the platoon. Some still adjusted and moved, but Operator could tell they still grieved Philip. "Do we need a moment of silence?" Operator asked them, some nodded while some stood still. "Moment of silence for those we lost in the past month." Operator said as he bowed his head.

After the moment Operator signaled them to go to the vans and go home. As they dismissed Nham came out from his room with his gear. "I'm ready sir." Nham said as he caught up with Operator. "You get shotgun with me." Operator said in a joking matter.

As they got out of the gate Gammond closed it and tipped his hat. And the group went back home.

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