Dead Inside

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Tess called the Irregulars into her shop and they circled around where she sat, as Tess was adjusting the frequency on the radio they heard bits of what seemed like a message. "I picked this up last night while working on things in here." Tess said as she got the message static free.

"Help. We are from the attack of Blackthorne, we need some help here. Me and my wife were able to escape, the trip isn't far." Tess turned around and saw their faces twisted in confusion. "If that's all then they should know how to get back here." Richter said and Yanlong turned to him.

"Considering they came from the front they tried to escape." Yanlong said and turned to face Tess. "We are gonna rescue them, we need the troops and with UAF killing all of ours it's getting harder to fight." Yanlong said, making sure he was heard.

"We got people already training to become better, even some to match Vanguard if everything goes ok." Hideo said. "Well, we need a mission for the rookie to do." Cinder said and looked over at Yosai. "Why me?" Yosai said, and Richter chuckled.

"It should go good, don't worry it's not in Outlaw territory." Yanlong said, trying to comfort Yosai. "Remember the last time we thought that? We lost Grizzly remember that." Hideo said as he looked down.

"But we are more advanced, stronger...'' Cinder started but Richter interrupted. "I'm not going, plain and simple. Way too risky just for two survivors." Tess just rolled her eyes. "It's nice you all are discussing this but I gotta get back to work so, scurry." Tess asked, in a demanding tone.

"Sorry to burst your bubble." Yosai said as they walked out into the hallway. "Either way we send someone out, at least give Yosai some training." Yanlong said, sounding like a mentor.

"Me and Yanlong will go to see if they are still alive, shouldn't take more than two days." Cinder said, she looked at Yosai and he nodded. "Let me grab my gear and we can head out now." Yosai said. "Go do it, meet us by the loading docks and we'll head out." Cinder said and Yosai went to his room, as he walked away he heard them starting to argue, he hoped they wouldn't fight.

"Nice job reactivating it, I'll come by to see it after all this." Nham said to Min over the radio. "You don't have to, I just wanted to tell you bout the Galante model." Min said.

"Alright, don't expect me to rush over there." Nham joked around and he heard Min chuckle a bit. "I already miss the company here." Min said and Nham nodded. "Yeah, but I'm getting off so that way I can get some food." Nham said, he heard Min sound disappointed. "Fiiine, I have to take care of the cats." Min said. "Well, I'll see ya then Cat lover." Nham said as he turned off the frequency and went to his locker.

As Nham was looking for his ration card he saw some beat-up soldier walking by. "Jesus Christ you ok?" Nham asked and the soldier looked over. "Just got robbed of my ration card, they broke something of mine I think." He said and Nham looked surprised. "Don't you report it? This is supposed to be a team right?" Nham said and he laughed.

"The way they treat me around here is bad, just goes to show how desperate people can get." He said and Nham looked in his locker again, and he saw his ration card, and it was his last. "I got one, I'll be willing to give it to you." Nham said and his face brightened up. "Really?" Jack said and Nham nodded, Jack walked over and took it. "Thank you so much, I'll make sure I pay you back somehow." Jack said, and he walked to the mess hall. Nham smiled and he looked in his locker again and took out a picture of him and Min. "Wish we can be kids again." Nham said and he closed his locker.

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