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The Hell was I thinking about this chapter name?

Yosai met Pris outside the docks. They went there to talk about their plan of attack with the bomb, and possibly end the war. "So we gotta talk to them about the warplane and then that's really it." Pris said, interrupting Yosai's train of thought.

"Hopefully they don't betray us like they did last time." Yosai said as he started to walk in. "Don't exactly hold that grudge, they value their own lives." Pris said, putting a hand on his shoulder. "Ha, what you like them or something." Yosai joked and Pris looked down.

"Oof, well don't let it get in the way of the mission, okay?" Yosai requested, Pris just nodded.

As they walked into the main area of the Shoremen, Fischer was on watch, Cast and Scum were in a shack, improving their weapons and equipment. Keel sat in the HQ, which was really a shit shack that's bigger than a trailer.

"We arrived peacefully." Pris joked and Keel looked up. "Haha, here for the plan right? Or a simple leisure trip?" Keel asked as Pris sat on the other side of the table, and on top of one of the crates. "Honestly I'd prefer it if you just came alone, we kinda have recently kept going by whoever was told." Keel said, and Pris raised an eyebrow. "Basically your friend, we'd be more comfortable just talking with a higher ranked Kurtz soldier." Keel said and Yosai raised his head.

Pris signaled for Yosai to scurry and he did so, he went out and saw Cast setting up a card game. Yosai walked over and Cast looked up. "You lookin to join a game?" Cast said as he was about to pass out the cards. "Sure." Yosai said as he sat on one of the crates.

"What we playin exactly?" Scum askes as Cast took a deck of cards. "War." "How ironic." Yosai said as Cast said it, and he looked over.

"Matey we make sure we have some humor nowadays, plus we live near the shoreside so no war comes round here." Cast said a bit pissed off. "What's the reward for winning?" Scum asked and Cast turned his attention. "Fun time with Keel, if she is up for it though." Cast said and Yosai was about to say something.

"Hell we get desperate, it's the apocalypse world mate. No freedom, No internet, no morning coffee, hell some of us don't even care bout our birthdays anymore." Cast said, with a grim look on his face. "I won't complain." Yosai said as they were bout to play.

"We all know how to play, correct?" Scum asked and everyone nodded. Everyone drew their cards, Yosai pulled a 10, Cast 4, and Scum got a Queen. "Boom." Scum said, not ecstatic about it.

The three kept playing till it was down to the last 2 pulls. Cast was only in the lead with 1 round left, Yosai was close. "Hell think if this guy won it." Scum joked as Yosai shook his head. "Im honestly not into that man." Yosai said and Cast let out a weird noise.

"Mate you know you wanna, I've ran a ship before, one mate never denies a break from the world. I won't be mad mate, no one is cheatin here." Cast said as he bumped his shoulder.

Yosai chuckled a bit as they played the top card, and he won that round. "Oooooooo shit mate!" Scum said as his face lit up. "Can I quit now?" Yosai asked and Cast shook his head. They did the last round and Yosai won. Scum basically cheered.

"I think they done, I see movement up there get you some matey!" Cast said as he pushed Yosai a bit, the force knocking down Yosai off the crate. Yosai just got up and wiped the dust off.

Cast got up and got the cards shuffled into one and Yosai walked up to the shack, he was shocked as soon as he walked in and saw Keel and Pris holding hands, he backed out, not attracting attention and walked back down, Scum noticing his expression as he walked back over.

"Everything good mate?" Scum asked and Cast looked over. Yosai did a motion with his hands, showing what he saw. Cast chuckled and Scum almost laughed, "what's so funny?" Yosai asked and Scum explained, "She used to date Fischer, the fact she did that blows everyone away."

Yosai shrugged and Pris walked over. "What you boys talkin bout?" Pris said and they kept their mouth shut. "Anyways, Yosai we have to head back to base." Pris said and Yosai got up, he said goodbye to his mates and they went back to base.

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