Cold Nightmares

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Operator was walking back to his home. He still took caution going home since any enemies
could easily be ready to attack. As he was walking he heard a trash can tip over.
He tensed up and aimed towards the can. “Surrender now!” He said as he slowly approached
Kunoichi jumped out scaring the shit out of him, he hesitated then realized it was her. “Got ya.”
Kunoichi said as she laughed.
Operator just shook his head, “You headin home too?” He asked.
“Yea, after Hardscope starting trying hit on me i left.” Kunoichi said.
“Oh god that had to be bad.” Operator joked chuckling. “Not as bad as you.” Kunoichi said.
Operator rolled his eyes and started to walk, but Kunoichi stopped him. “Hey i wanna talk, we
still are close to home but not that close.” Kunoichi said.
  “What secrets you gonna tell me?” Operator joked. Kunoichi rolled her eyes and then got closer
to Operator.
“Umm?” “Just go with it.” Kunoichi said as she gave Operator a kiss.
Operator’s face went red. “That was-” Operator started to say but she wrapped her arms around
him and started to kiss him more.
The two expressed their feelings that were held up for so long. There was nothing to say, “Get
back to your stations.” Or anyone to mock them.
Kunoichi was the first to pull away, and she chuckled at the look on his face. “Your face is
priceless.” Kunoichi said smiling.
“Whatever.” Operator said as he picked back up his rifle and his helmet. “I think we should
report back home.” Operator suggested as he waited for Kunoichi’s answer.
“Ok.” Kunoichi said still joyful, and as they walked they held hands till they were spitting distance
from home.

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