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“I'm still wondering why the People Guards attack you two.” Welker said as they were in the
meeting room discussing the events of today.
“We know that we had to transport a person so they probably tried to free them.” Beck said
leaned back in her chair.
“But he was alone, i doubt they send only one.” Operator suggested. “They only have a few
remaining soldiers, i doubt that they are training.” Beck said.
“I doubt that they willingly let one of the wander like that.” Welker added.
The rest of the meeting was about plans of attack. “Meeting is over, go do whatever you need
to.” Welker said as he stood up and stretched.
Operator walked of to Kunoichi’s door and knocked. He waited a few seconds before she came
to the door.
“Everything ok?” Kunoichi said holding a book in her left hand. “The meeting is over.” Operator
sat on the edge of the bed as Kunoichi closed the door and sat down on her desk.
  “So what do you wanna talk about?” Kunoichi asked. “Us.” Operator said.
“What about us?” Kunoichi said as she put a mark on her book. “Will we really be a thing?”
Operator asked.
Kunoichi hesitated then she said, “You are one of the only ones i can trust, and your not an
asshole like some people.” “So does that mean Yes?” Operator asked again.
“Yes.” Kunoichi said. Operator smiled and he hugged her.
“Anything else to talk about?” Kunoichi asked. “Not much.” Operator answered.
As they got up to say goodnight to each other they shared a kiss then Operator left.

Authors Note: I'm hoping to make this a daily upload type thing until the bigger chapters, since these are short as hell I'm gonna be doing two since I could read through both in under a minute. Anyways I'm pretty sure no one is reading this story at this point, but when you do. Thanks for reading and cheers mate

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