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"Next!" The commander commanded as Nate walked up to the plate, he was 6'2, he was clean shaven and his hair was still growing. "Name." The commander said and Nate looked at him. "Nate Rivers." Nate answered as he handed the commander his papers. The commander slid them to him and handed them to another soldier next to him. "Born 4/9/68?" The soldier asked and Nate looked at him, he replied, "Yes sir." "Its 12/3/86, you are 18, we don't know if you can be put straight into the army." The soldier said as he handed the papers back to Nate.

"Go to Wesson." The commander said and Nate nodded, he walked to his office and walked in, Wesson was analysing papers and he noticed him walking in. "State yourself." Wesson grumbled, his nose slightly red from the cold. "Nate Rivers, Commander Jossef sent me." Nate answered and Wesson notioned for him to sit. "So, your looking to join the fight with UAF?" Wesson asked and Nate looked at him. "Yes sir." "Weren't you the runaway from the Morlocks?" Wesson asked, Nate answered back with, "yes sir." "What did you say to get ran out of there?"

Nate let his head drop a bit and he remembered the memory. "I was selling guns to another Morlock and someone confused us as plotting against Razorback, my buyer was executed, I escaped and then one of your squads rescued me." Nate said and Wesson put his hands together. "You survived all those years down there, you know your way around a gun, and do you know a way around a compound?" Wesson asked. "Yes sir." Nate answered and Wesson grew a smile. "Im gonna let you do a mission for me, if you are able to execute perfectly, you earned yourself a spot on a squad with the main squad." Wesson said and Nate nodded. "Kurtz has a mechanic inside his base, it confused me why he does but I have a spy in there, she said that this mechanic is his daughter. So I compromised a plan, somebody which being you will go in through the top, you drug her and bring her back here, he starts to panic and we are able to get him offguard." Wesson explained his plan, he knew it would work if he had the right person.

Thankfully he happened to show up right on his doorstep, and now Wesson has a key piece to possibly win this war.

2 weeks later...

"I'm gonna send you out there, Im going to hope you all bring her back. Sneak in and out and come back." Kurtz ordered his soldiers. Boh, Beck, Pris, and Corey all, in unison said, "Yes sir." They all were dismissed and they went to grab their gear and the weapons they would need. Boh wished his girlfriend a goodbye before he met with his crew, giving her a kiss and a hug. Beck met up with Steele and traded. Pris grabbed her grenades, she picked her ears and noticed a chip in one of them, she tested it and they worked. Corey grabbed his rifle and his explosive charges just incase, he made sure he had his pack had everything for stealth or simply breaching.

Operator was getting the necessary shots for Tess, he walked up to Boh before he left and handed it to him. "Be cautious whenever you see her, she isn't fully cured, and if I was you, don't check UAF first, I have a feeling it was the Morlocks." Operator said and Boh nodded, he walked with his crew on a task to get Tess back."

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