A Bad Night

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“Hey, wake up! WAKE UP!” Operator sprang up, he looked up and no one was there.
Operator thought it was nothing so he laid back down. “Dummy wake up.” The voice said again.
This time Operator sprang up and grabbed his machete. “Put that down, mommy would never
let you have that.” A ghostly figure appeared.
“W-What are you doing here? Operator gasped, he realised it was his sisters apparition.
“You ask the stupidest questions big brother.’’ Sister said. “I know you are with that girl big bro,
is that attempt to forget me?” She added.
“No?!? I never would!” Operator said.
Sister giggled. “Jeez no wonder you let the UAF take me away.” She said.
“Shut up! It wasn't my fault!” Operator said clinching the Machete. “Just say it and i'll leave you
alone.” Sister giggled.
“It wasn't. My fault.” Operator said about to tear up.
“Why would you lie?” Sister said before she faded away and Operator broke down. He cried.
“It wasn't my fault.” Operator choked as he put his hands over his face and cried the night away.

Authors Note: This should be the last relativity last short chapter, I dunno I'm tired and not too sober while I'm doing this so yeah, life is peachy :)

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