Tale of Two

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The UAF then fired at Boh full force. He had no choice but to fall back, he was in a pit of fire, he went to the building he saw Pris get launched into.

He jumped through the window to find her knocked out with a cut on her hand, and on her arm. "I got you, dont worry." Boh said as he pulled out bandages.

He couldn't let someone die like this. He bandaged the cuts and saw that a ceiling tile fell on her head, and they were heavy. Boh got that off her and looked for any bruises or blood. Thankfully there was only a bruise.

Boh then sat her up and heard the footsteps of UAF. He put his rifle through the entrance of the room and waited, it was his last stand.

What felt like hours was only minutes, Boh kept himself ready as he heard footsteps approach the door. Then they went away.

He waited a few more minutes before he put his rifle back down. "Fuck." Boh said as he released the excess air out of his body.

Boh heard the UAF leave the building so he picked up a radio. "Anyone out there?" Boh said, then releasing the button. "This is Terra what's up Rangers?" The radio responded.

"Nothing just saw the UAF take over the train station up here." Boh joked. "Haha, how's it going Boh?" Terra said.

"Nothing really, been helping out the KLG." Boh said. "Nice, heard the women are good there, are they?" Terra jokingly asked.

"Fine, thinking about hooking up with one of them." Boh said. "Haha, good luck on that one." Terra said.

"Thanks man, anyways I gotta get back to helping then out." Boh said. "Good fun talking mate, just remember we don't do social calls on local radio." Terra said.

"Alright see ya around." Boh said as he changed the channel.

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