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  Serj woke up to chains hitting the concrete floor. He opened his eyes and sat up. He was in a
arena lowered from the ground floor. “Welcome to the Razordome folks!” Some weird man said
on a throne, he made the crowd cheer and chant, “Razordome! Razordome!”
Serj got up to try to get out but he saw someone opening the gate. “We got a fan favorite in here
today!” Razorback said. Then someone ran at the gate before it got halfway.
“Imma tear your flesh from your bones!” The man said as he licked the gate pole. Serj was
scared for his life.
“In Round one we got Rat and the rookie!” Razorback said as he pumped up the crowd. Then
the bell rang for the match to start.
Rat crawled under the gate and hit his fist against the wall. The crowd just cheered. “Let me eat
the flesh from your bone!” Rat said as he crept closer.
Serj just grabbed a spear in the mattresses around the arena, he felt the bed bugs in it. Rat only
just perked up and charged. Serj stuck the spear through his neck.
Rat kept going and put the spear all the way through his neck as he hit the arena wall.
“OOHHH! Brutal!” Razorback said as the crowd stopped cheering.
In a surprising twist Rat still kept going, he looked at Serj with a killer look. The crowd resumed
cheering and got louder. Serj looked mortified as he backed up. “You’ve done it now!” Rat
screeched as you can see his bone move in his neck.
There was no weapons for Serj to grab, so it was fists. Serj clenched his fists as Rat ran at him.
Serj swing hitting Rat right in the head. Rat of course swung back hitting Serj.
Serj then threw an uppercut then hit him in the neck. Rat just bled as he swung back. “You
fucking hybrid fucker!” Serj yelled as he put his arms around Rat, snapping his neck.
Rat fell lifeless as Serj let go to see the floor covered in blood, and his white t-shirt covered in
blood. “Oh and the rookie takes it in the first round!” Razorback said as the crowd fell silent.
Serj noticed a ladder was dropped so he can climb out. “Everyone! Five minutes then come
back for round 2!” Razorback yelled as he stood up from his throne.
One of the Guards that were waiting led him to a room. “Wash up then go across the hall.” He
said pointing to a door. Serj looked at him like he was crazy but still went ahead to the room.
  Serj opened the door to see a bedroom, it had a queen size bed with Purple sheets. When he
opened it the room lit up with purple lights. He also saw a bathroom in it.
“This is fucking crazy.’’ Serj said as he closed the door behind him. He wanted to run out, go
back home, but he didn't know where he was.
“God dammit.” Serj said as he had a tear run his face. He sat down in front of the door and
closed his eyes.
“Let the nightmare go away.” Serj said to himself.

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