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"Ah shit, its starting." Cast said as he dealt cards to Fischer and Moss. "Dont worry its only snow." Moss said in a raspy voice as snow slowly fell, landing outside and instantly disappearing as it hit the wooden floors. "I am gonna worry since we don't exactly have proper shelter." Cast said as saw Moss peak at his own cards. "Don't worry, and hit me." Moss said and Cast dealt him a card.

"I'll stay." Fischer said as he looked at Moss. "I'll stay too motherfucker!" Moss said as he revealed a perfect 21, Fischer was only off by one. "Damn!" Fischer said as he hit his fist against the wooden box. "Another round?" Cast asked and Moss nodded, before Cast dealt he heard Scum whistle, Cast grabbed his helmet and gun, and went over to Scum. "Movement, heavy brushing and footsteps." Scum said and Cast clicked his fingers.

"Relax, its only me." A scottish voice said and Bucket appeared around the corner. "You gotta tell us next time dammit!" Cast said, he rested his shoulders and Siddiq also came around, carrying a duffel bag. "What loot you brought this time?" Cast asked and he lead the two into the lockeroom of the base. "Supplies and a notepad." Siddiq said in a low tone as he set the bag down on the table. "Why the notepad?" Cast asked and he set his gun down. "It had some weird notes we thought you should see." Siddiq said as he slid the note pad. Cast picked it up and looked at it. "Its all in Dutch!" Cast said and Bucket picked it up. "Er is niet veel bekend over de Shoremen, we hopen allen dat we ze met gemak kunnen verslaan en het territorium kunnen veroveren, basically these people wanted to try to take us out." Bucket translates and she sat the notepad down. "Damn didnt know you could translate." Siddiq said and Bucket nodded. "Being a mercenary its kinda necessary." Bucket said and she smiled.

"True, but fluently?" Siddiq asked and Bucket chuckled. "Like I said, its part of being a mercenary." Bucket had a small smile. "Either way any one of you gonna relax while I get dinner ready?" Cast asked and both nodded. "Just play some card games or some shit." Cast said and both of them went to go play cards.

"We're surrounded-" The radio cut off and Keel stared at Pris. "Should we go help?" Keel asked and Pris nodded. "Of course, maybe they need some major help." Pris said and nudged Keel as she entered the gated area. "This doesn't seem like a good idea." Keel argued and Pris laughed. "Come on, it'd be our first rescue operation." Pris said and winked, Keel just laughed and followed her.

"You sure they'd be here?" Keel asked as she jumped down, she was inside the gated area, the testing facility loomed over the moonlight, and snow lightly fell. "Should be, hell a lot of commotion came around here." Pris said as she walked up to it, the entrance decorated with moss, vines, and graffiti. The building overall was run-down but intact, it had cracks that blanketed the look of the building. "Yeah, im definitely voting something else next time." Keel joked as she opened the door, it creaked open and a warm breeze burst through with a smell of fresh blood.

"If they are trapped it'd be here." Pris said as she grabbed a tiny flashlight from her jacket pocket. "Keep your gun up." Pris whispered, the words barely escaping her lips. Keel followed and kept her gun up, the light illuminated hallway only a bit, a blood trail lead at their feet. Pris felt uneasy as the smell of blood got stronger, her stomach churned and she felt sick. "Tai, you are needed." A speaker buzzed weakly, leaving a buzz in both girl's ears. "Place still has this?" Keel whispered to herself and creaked open a slightly parted door that the blood trail lead to. "Sure you wanna do this?" Pris asked, her voice low and she trembled. "We need people, we only hired someone and Siddiq doesn't want to stick around anymore." Keel whispered, her voice almost fearless. "Fine, we check this out and then we go." Pris said, her voice was more shaky and her mind was focused on getting out alive with Keel. "Deal." Keel said as she opened the door quickly, Pris turned the light back on and the light flickered before staying alive. The blood trail led to a simple operating table, a medical bed was also in the corner in the room.

It had a curtain around it and it barely moved in the ambience, the window in the room only let the hallway light through and Pris couldn't help but feel caged, Keel looked around the room only finding used medical tools and small blood pools in cracks and holes littered along the floor. Pris checked out what was behind the curtain and saw a woman's body, her breathing was slow and she was in gear, not soldiers, survivors.

"Keel, come here." Pris whispered, Keel quickly turned her head and walked over, she saw the woman and her face expressed shock. "That's Juliet." Keel said and her eyes still wide. "Who?" Pris asked, she realized something was wrong or offsetting. "Siddiq's daughter."

Fun Fact: I learned some Dutch

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