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Maven got out of the shower, a towel wrapped around her, she rarely ever took showers but she didn't feel like going to bed dirty once again, some days she'll not even mind it. But today gave her some stress, it was her release than savagely dismembering people, or simply killing them.

She got some clothes on for the night, she could still hear the Morlocks outside chanting, she wished she can join them but she almost fell asleep in the shower itself. Once Maven was done she laid in bed and shut off the lights...

"Maven! I didn't think you could make it!" Trevor said as he was clearly intoxicated, they promised to go to a concert of his choice, he chose Korn. "Well, outside it's like a massive fucking tailgate party already." Maven said and Trevor laughed. "I heard the band was about to start, lets get close to it." Trevor nudged but Maven already had to push and shove already, but it was a concert. "I better not get covered in B.O and all that shit." Maven joked as she followed Trevor, they were navigating through lines, through groups, and even the staff. "Ah shit they still getting ready!" Trevor exclaimed as he was the first to look at the stage, staff was still setting up.

Maven noticed something off, it didn't look like they were setting up, instead taking it down. "Trev, I don't think they are setting up." Maven said, in fact the colosseum looked more baron, everyone was out in the halls, but why? Her questions didn't go unanswered for too long, when she turned around she noticed UAF people were slowly getting ready to shoot.

"Trevor, Trevor!" Maven said as gunshots started going off with a loud roar of screams, panic arose from the people. In a panic, she grabbed Trevor's arm and ran with him away, the UAF noticed. "We got them running around!" One of the soldiers shouted as they shot at them, thankfully none of them got hit as they ran, two UAF soldiers ran after them.

"Stop now or else we'll execute!" The soldiers shouted as Maven ran into a dead end, Trevor quickly turned around and tried to run down an adjacent hallway a few feet away. He was knocked down as the UAF rounded the corner and put a foot on his chest, he aimed at Trevor and the other one aimed at Maven. "Both of you are detained, any resistance and we are ordered to shoot!" The soldier commanded, Maven put her hands and surrendered.

"Get the cuffs." The soldier said to the one holding Trevor down, as he reached for the cuffs Trevor kicked the soldier, he pulled his foot back then Trevor swung at the gun, he got it and he quickly slammed the butt of the gun into the soldier's chest. As the one holding Maven at gunpoint turned around she tackled him and he fired a few shots, she grabbed the gun then executed him, she got up then looked at Trevor, who held his stomach, he started bleeding.

"Oh shit, Trevor!" Maven exclaimed as she tried to help Trevor, he started falling back and went into the wall. "They got me, im sorry Maven." Trevor said, his voice was already defeated. "No! Your not giving up yet, I can get you back to Dan!" Maven said, Dan was a surgeon, he worked in the field before, Trevor would be safe. "I'm gonna drag you down, let me hold then off." Trevor said but Maven wasn't taking no for a answer.

She grabbed Trevor up and put his arm around his shoulder. "I'm not leaving you." Maven said, she started walking down the hallway, Trevor held the rifle in one hand. As they started making their way out it became more of a hassle, Maven tried to avoid any of it, she made a dash with Trevor and busted out of the door, Dan thankfully was there. "Dan! Trevor was shot by the UAF!" Maven exclaimed. "Don't worry, me and a few others are making the way into the sewers." Dan said, he opened the hatch and helped Maven down.

"They're over here!" A soldier shouted and gunshots went off. "Ah fuck!" Dan said as he got Trevor down, he held onto the ladder and Dan closed the hatch, but his hand was bleeding, a bullet went all the way through. "Get Trevor into one of the rooms, ill get Charles." Dan said as Maven helped Trevor down the hallways of the sewage place.

She got to a room and it had a small bed in the corner along with a few supplies scattered on the desk adjacent to it. Maven carried Trevor and laid him on the bed, she got a small basket of the operating tools and set them next to Trevor, Dan rushed in. "Ok, give me some time, organize some of the supplies." Dan said in a calm voice. Maven reassured herself and started to make sure the supplies wasn't spoiled or anything, she did so and Charles came in. "Dan, Maven. We need to get together and reassure everyone here, we need a name for us." Charles said and Maven looked at him. "Dan needs to operator on Trevor." Maven explained. "Well, we need to basically come up with new names, the world above isn't safe." Charles said. "Charles, I got a name for us, The Morlocks."

Maven was awakened from her dream when she heard a knock on her door, she looked at the clock and it was already morning, the room stayed dark and she could already tell her hair was going to be a mess. She got up and opened the door, and Red stood at the door, she hugged him tight and he chuckled. "Miss me much?" Red joked around. "I, I just had a bad dream." Maven groaned, her voice sounded like shit. "Its ok, did I save the day?" Red asked and Maven laughed a slight bit. "It was when the UAF came at that concert." Maven said, her voice was still wasn't pretty. "That was the worst night, you also need a tic tac." Red joked, Maven just playfully punched his arm. "And if you need some extra time in bed I can help you with that." Red said as he winked, Maven just chuckled. "Maybe with a bit of fun." Maven said and Red laughed, he turned on the lights and shut the door behind him and picked up Maven, and gave her a kiss. Maven smiled and she tugged at his leather jacket, then unzipped it. "I love you Trevor..."

This was one of those fuck it chapters honestly, it didnt turn out good but I still tried... commitment I guess

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