Meet & Greet

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"So what's this mission?" Boh asked as he entered the debrief room. "We dont have alot of high class soldiers at this moment. So we're gonna send Kunoichi with you to the People's Guard's base to get out supplies." Commander Welker said.

"Why need high class soldiers?" Boh asked. "One of theres attacked us and our prisoner died." Welker said. "Who's to say there still gonna be friendly?" Boh asked.

"If they attack then we got enough firepower to wipe them out." Welker said. "That's kinda cold." Boh said.

"We've were ordered worse." Welker said in a pretty grim manner. "Ok, but what if they retaliate?" Boh asked before he left.

"If you need to set the example." Welker said. "Ok, got it." Boh said.

The van they had was a carrier van, it held a lot of supplies and had a few seats. "What's the process here?" Boh asked Kunoichi as she drove to the gate. Kunoichi just honked the horn and a man on the wall signaled something.

"That's my answer i guess." Boh said as the gate came open, Kunoichi drove it in. "Hold up!" Mauler said running out from a building.

Boh noticed most of the houses were built using wood, he also noticed it was a well developed base. Cattle, walls, and even crops. "You all are way to early!" Mauler said as the two got out.

"No, your unprepared, so grab the supplies." Kunoichi growled under her helmet. "Excuse me, but we have no one here right now and I ain't gonna let..." Mauler started out but Kunoichi pushed him to the ground.

"Well one of your own tried to kill us." Kunoichi yelled at Mauler, who was pinned by her foot on his chest. "Who was it?" Mauler said, in defeat.

"The one with the man bun." Kunoichi said, letting Mauler get up. "Goddammit!" Mauler said as he wiped the dust off his clothes.

"Problem?" Boh asked as he opened the back of the van. "Im the only person here that can protect anyone here!" Mauler shouted.

Kunoichi glared at Mauler, she hated him and it was obvious. "Jeez just, we don't have much right now." Mauler mumbled.

"What was that?" Kunoichi said, not hearing him. All the sudden hell broke loose.

Someone then came out from one of the houses with a shotgun, Boh quickly grabbed his gun but Kunoichi grabbed a Kunai. She threw it and it hit the man in the chest, and he was going to bleed out.

Mauler stood there, in defeat as he fell to his knees, blood spilling out into the grass. "Anyone else wanna try anything!" Kunoichi yelled as she pulled her gun out.

The people gasped and backed down. "No, no no no no!" Mauler said as he rushed over to see the kunai logged deep in his chest.

Boh looked around to see that the people slowly backed away, and saw a teenager run over from carrying supplies. Kunoichi aimed right at him, and he stopped dead in his tracks.

"Look! I'm not going to attack!" He said, quickly. Kunoichi still kept the gun trained on him. "My name is Derrick, and that was my father." Derrick said as he put his hands up slowly.

Boh just gave him a weird look as he saw the people with supplies still coming over. "Just take me, ok? I'll pay you all back for what my father has done." Derrick said, he wasn't exactly the bravest.

Kunoichi looked at him, then Mauler who was starstruck by the events. "I had no idea of any of this." Mauler said.

"If your willing then ok, if this happens again Mauler then we were given orders not to hold back." Kunoichi said. Derrick just let his arms fall and then was put in the back of the van along with the supplies.

"Im sorry." Mauler said as Kunoichi was about to get into the van. Kunoichi continued on and Boh got in as well.

"Back to base?" Boh asked, Kunoichi only nodded

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