Dead Deed

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Operator was awaken by a loud bang on his door, he instantly opened his eyes but was too sore to move an inch. Kurtz was the one to open his door and barked commands but Operator was sore and tired.

"Wake up!" Kurtz shouted but Operator managed to only groan, and Kurtz's patience was wearing thin. "Do you want some cold water or PT to wake up!" Kurtz shouted and Operator groaned a bit. "Give me a minute." Operator groaned, Kurtz looked confused but analyzed his room and saw Kunoichi. "Goddamnit Jackson, wake up and report to the medical bay, finish curing that rabies disease." Kurtz said as he turned around and slammed his door, Operator just shut his eyes for a few seconds.

"I don't wanna get up." Operator said to himself as he tried to move, only popping his bones and he woke his lover up with the unpleasant sound. "Jeez sore much?" Kunoichi joked as she stretched without a unpleasant sound. "I need a vacation." Operator declared as he slowly slid out of bed, only to just fall and lay on the cold floor. Kunoichi giggled and helped Operator up, then sat him up on the edge of their bed.

"I know its been rough but your saving people's life." Kunoichi said, trying to motivate her lover. "Just let me get five extra minutes." Operator mumbled as he collapsed back down. Kunoichi sighed and pulled him out of bed, she struggled but eventually he fell again. "Fine..." Operator said as he got up slowly, stretching and cracking his knuckles.

Operator eventually got his gear on and walked to the medical bay, skipping breakfast. Lately he had to do one mission that put stress on his bones when he had to carry multiple supplies, causing him to be sore along with the fact a rabies like disease has infected some soldiers of the KLG and the devastating loss of Yosai. UAF has been closing in on Kurtz's base and he has been preparing, but no matter what it seemed they always tore through their defenses.

"Yo Operator!" Vanguard called out as he got out of his room, Vanguard only wearing a shirt that says 'Unmovable' and only boxers. "Put some fucking clothes on." Operator said, Vanguard only chuckled and pushed Operator a bit. "C'mon lighten up, we gotta do some shit." Vanguard said and Operator raised an eyebrow.

"Remember? We gotta get Doctor Boh and his girl?" Vanguard said and Operator realized. "Oh yeah I remember, sorry I forgot, this shit piled up on me..." Operator started but Vanguard put his hand up. "No worries, I know UAF has been kicking our asses and your dealing with that disease." Vanguard said and he leaned against his doorway.

"Yeah, speaking of which I gotta go the medical bay." Operator said and Vanguard nodded and waved bye, Operator continued to his task.

"I feel it I feel it, invincible!" Jack sung as he had his earbuds in, tapping his foot to the beat of the song he was listening to, Operator walked in and saw him. "Jack!" Operator said and Jack craned his head and turned his music off. "Don't worry mate, we only got to cure Tess and we're done with this whole rabies shit." Jack said as he grabbed a clipboard with a datasheet of information.

"Only Tess?" Operator asked and Jack looked down. "We lost Alas last night, he had an allergic reaction to the last shot." Jack said and walked to the medical bed Tess laid in, she twitched as Jack was setting up the final shot. "Shouldn't we make sure she aint allergic to this shit we're injecting?" Operator asked and Jack shook his head. "Kurtz told me what she was allergic to, she'll be fine." Jack assured and Operator shrugged, Jack did the procedure and Tess calmed, she fell into sleep once again and Jack checked something off his clipboard, "in about two hours report back and we'll check her again." Jack said and put the clipboard down. "Will do." Operator said and he exited the medical bay.

"I hope one day you find this, I really didn't die, it was all staged, I miss you babe. I don't know how you are doing but I hope you didnt forget about me, but, soon... maybe soon ill see you again and I'll give you a big hug, just promise you didnt die, Love you."

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