Joke's on you

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Mauler awakened to the sound of his door creaking very loudly, he grabbed his maul first thing and then saw that Halo was coming in, he rested back down but kept his eyes open. "What do you want?" Mauler said in a very hostile manner.

"Making sure you didn't leave again, I need you to go out in the morning and find Kaishi." Halo said and Mauler grumbled. "Have someone else, i'm taking my vacation." Mauler demanded but Halo only sighed. "You have the best tracking ski-" "Ah Goddamnit fine!" Mauler bursted out, he grabbed his maul and weapons. He stormed out and went ahead to go look for Kaishi, he wasn't fazed, but he was pissed at how much he was sent on every mission, he isn't young anymore and close to his 50's.

"Wake up shithead." Red said, his voice very grizzled as he slapped Kaishi awake, he almost snapped but he kept quiet, he let out little bits of grumbles but none of the Outlaws heard. "We better be able to strike it Red." Bubba said as he grabbed his heavy machine gun. "If we don't I'll make it happen." Red said confidently, his fellow partners slightly chuckled. "Hell where are we going first off?" Ghost asked and Red gave Kaishi a glare. "Follow trail." Kaishi grumbled, still slightly angry from earlier, and Ghost stopped in his tracks, then walked over to Kaishi.

"The fuck you say little shit?" Ghost said as he punched Kaishi, the blow knocking him down. "Hey calm down, we gotta get him back in one piece." Bubba said, putting a hand on Ghost's shoulder. "One more crack." Ghost said and Bubba pulled back his hand, Ghost simply smiled and gave Kaishi one more knock, he simply chuckled as Kaishi got knocked onto his back, his hands behind his back.

"Back off of him." A older voice growled at the Outlaws from the trees. "Come on out and we might." Red said and out from the trees, Mauler came out, his gun and maul aimed at them. Ghost started to laugh and he quickly went for his own rifle, without hesitation Mauler shot and hit Ghost in his shoulder. "Bastard!" Ghost said as he quickly grabbed his shoulder as blood quickly covered his hand.

"Give me Kaishi and no one else gets hurt." Mauler demanded and Red put his hand next to his holster, Mauler noticed and aimed at Red. "Don't, im not messing around." Mauler said, his voice cold as he studied the rest of his enemies. "Fine, you win old man." Red said as he got Kaishi to his feet, then pushed him over to Mauler. "Just so you know, if I see any of you fuckers again, im cutting your goddamn heads off and putting them on a pike." Red threatened. "You better hope its your lucky day." Mauler said as he untied Kaishi and he got his gun out.

"Go back to where you came from before I send you down to hell." Mauler said as he fired a round above Red's head, that sent the three running away as Ghost was slow behind them. "Thank you." Kaishi said to Mauler once the Outlaws were far away. "Lets get back to base before you thank me." Mauler said as they started walking back to base.

"Help me carry her back to my base." Keel said as she attempted lifting Juliet up, sadly she couldn't do it alone. "Let me, just deal with anything in the way." Pris said as she lifted Juliet, she wasn't light but she wasn't heavy. "Ok" Keel replied as she led the way out of the room, they followed the blood trail out and as they escaped out the sun barely showed, the dark sky covering the area like a blanket as it was almost pitch black.

"Still got that flashlight?" Keel asked as she stared into the dark forest. Pris just gave her the flashlight, as she clicked it on she heard a gun being taken off safety as a light suddenly illuminating the spot they stood. "Where do you think your going?" A man's voice called out, neither of the girls looked up, they only stared forward. "Away, from here." Keel answered, she still held her gun as she turned around, she analyzed the defender's face.

He had hair shaved off the sides of his head and a scar across his eye, he was darker toned and he grew a stubble, he wore a black leather jacket and he had a bandanna around his neck. His weapon was similar to an assault rifle but it was different, before she could inspect any longer he raised his gun at her. "Drop that gun!" He ordered, Keel complied.

"What about your friend?" The man asked and Keel looked at her. "She can't get it so what's the point?" Keel asked and the man shrugged. "Fair point, but what are you doing on my property?" The man asked, still keeping his gun aimed. "We heard screams, we were close so we decided to investigate." Keel answered, she kept her cool and stared into the man's eyes. "You seem like good people, sadly you broke in here so I doubt you'll be able to stay the night." The man said and Keel looked at Pris again, her expression was somewhat skeptical. "We don't have to, we can leave..." "Not quite yet, your taking one of our own, we can't have that." The man said before Keel finished her sentence, she had to think of something before he called for backup.

"We know her father, if she is truly one of yours you let us take her to him." Keel said, and the man eased up, he grabbed a walkie and he spoke into it, it took a few seconds but Keel heard him talking to someone through it. "Do you think he'll let us go ahead?" Pris whispered as she looked at Keel with a gaze. "Don't worry, I won't let you get hurt." Keel said and she grinned a little bit, Pris reassured herself and adjusted Juliet in her arms. "Boss said I can let you go, he doesn't like it but she aches us about seeing her father, I know your Shoremen so treat her good you hear?" The man said and Keel nodded. "Thank you." Keel said as she picked up her gun and walked off with Pris into the forest, and they trekked back to Shoremen territory.

"You never told me that you had soo much charm." Pris said sarcastically, Keel just looked at her. "You never told me you were soo strong." Keel poked around and Pris chuckled and playfully bumped into Keel, the two let their lips connect and they shared a quick kiss, they kept walking and Pris put her head against Keel's shoulder. "Im tired." Pris said and Keel just chuckled. "You already know the drill anyways." Keel said and she knew it made Pris happy.

"Your the best." Pris said. "So are you." Keel said and she saw her base, she nudged Pris and they went through the gate. "Eyy! Shit Im not getting sleep am I?" Cast said as she noticed Keel and Pris. "Be quiet." Keel said as she sat down, Pris just took Juliet to the resting quarters, Siddiq looked at Pris then at Keel. "What is she doing?" Siddiq asked. "Oh yeah, we found Juliet out there, we brought her back for you." Keel said and Siddiq's face dropped in surprise, he got up and hugged Keel. "Thank you soo much!" Siddiq said as he rushed to go see his daughter and Keel just laughed. "You making other people laugh now?" Cast joked again and Keel playfully shoved him, "Just deal me in." Keel said, a smile on her face.

"What are we playing though?" Moss asked. "How bout war? Loser gets to sleep in Cast's room." Keel said and that caused the table to laugh. "Ah don't say that we know anyone here would pay for that nowadays." Moss joked and everyone laughed. "Hell if only we had more women round here." Fischer said and he slowly grabbed the cards. "There is Bucket." Cast said and Fischer stopped for a second, and everyone but Fischer laughed. "Ahh somebody has a crush!" Scum joked around and everyone laughed, Fischer chuckled a bit, and the rest of their night was filled with laughter and joy.

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