Chapter 2: More Work

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Another top class soldier, Kunoichi is being sent on this mission, her way is different. Kunoichi
was trying to get to the mess hall but was stopped.
“Where you goin?” Steele said coming out of his room. Kunoichi kept walking but Steele blocked
the way.
“Fuck you.” Kunoichi growled as Steele said, “Gladly.” He grabbed her arm and she retaliated
with a kick to the center of his chest.
“Quit fighting you two.” Commander Nathans said walking by. Steele let go from the pain, and
from the command.
Nathans gave a look to Kunoichi, her nature was pretty violent, she hesitated then stopped.
“You fight like brother and sister.” Nathans said as he continued walking.
Steele gave an evil glare at Kunoichi, she was not fazed. Kunoichi stared back then continued
walking to the mess hall. Thankfully no more assholes got in the way.
Kunoichi sat down with her plate. Only a few others were in the room. Before she could even
take a bite, Nathans sat down across from her.
“You have a mission brief after breakfast.” Nathans said as he took a bite from his plate.
Kunoichi just sighed and took a bite.
“Shouldn't be a problem, UAF had been on our ass.” Nathans said trying to start a conversation.
“That’s why you’re giving us missions after missions?” Kunoichi growled.
“You’re getting the transport, not defending. They already captured the park.” Nathans said.
“Beck couldn't stop them?” Kunoichi asked.
“No, some of our allies turned on us.” Nathans said. “Fuck.” Kunoichi said as she took the last
“See you in a minute Kunoichi.” Nathans said, he still had a bite of waffle. Kunoichi nodded and
went back to her room
Kunoichi stood in front of the mirror looking at herself, “I don't get it, this can't be it.” She said to
herself as she grabbed her gear ready for the mission. Kunoichi took a breath in and breathed
out and opened her door.
Operator stood there about to knock. Starstruck when she opened. “H-Hey! Um…” Operator
stuttered as his face flourished in red. Kunoichi just ignored it and walked to the debrief room,
Operator followed.
In the room Commander Welker laid down a folder as he sat down. “Wayne Johnson. An elite
gunsmith, we need to put him to work since UAF has terminated Dogface, we need to halt the
UAF’s progress.”
“We’re transporting him to Blackthorn. Your job is to take him through the back way incase UAF
does make rushes.” Welker finished.
“We can handle it sir.” Operator said as he looked up. “Good, be careful on the way.” Welker
finished as he took the folder back and the duo left the room.

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