Serj's Nightmare

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Note: Mentions of Abuse and other sensitive subjects

Serj opened the door and felt a huge breeze of cold air, it made him shiver. “Jeez why does it
have to be so fucking cold?” Serj asked himself.
He had memories of his past go through him as he walked through the empty cell. Serj just laid
Oracle down and hesitated.
“Get your ass here!” Serj heard his mother's voice call out. He stopped covering her up.
“No, no no no this can't be happening.” Serj said as he backed away. “Don't make me have to
whip you!” He heard his mother's voice once again.
Serj looked around in fear, like he was relieving his past once again. He started shedding tears
of the abuse he endured. “GOD DAMMIT SERJ!” He heard loudly through his ears.
He put his hands over his ears to stop the sounds. Then Serj felt a hand on his shoulder, he
stopped. “Are you ok?” Oracle asked.
Serj was breathing loudly as he felt her hand. “No, no i'm not.” Serj said turning around and
seeing Oracle's blue eyes. “You can talk to me, i can help.” She said.
“Umm… not to be mean or anything, but your half naked for some reason and I can't focus.”
Serj said, Oracle looked down and blushed.
“Why am i down in here?” Oracle asked him. “Because, because you did something bad and
this is your punishment.” Serj said leaving the cell. “Will you bring me clothes?” Oracle asked
before Serj closed the cell door. “Someone else might, but lay down, its only gonna get colder in
here.” Serj said as he locked it.
Oracle just looked at him curiously and laid down. Serj walked away and out of the nightmare

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