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Yosai felt something warm against his lips, then he felt the warm soup in his mouth. He
managed to swallow it. “Hey are you up?” A woman's voice said.
Yosai only was able to groan, it felt like he had 200ibs on his chest. He tried to open his eyes
but it seemed swollen shut. Yosai felt a soft hand on his forehead.
“Can you try to open your eyes?” The woman asked him. Yosai was only able to open his right
eye barely. “W-where am I?” Yosai asked.
“You’re at the Patriots.” The woman said again.
Yosai was able to analyse his surroundings and saw who was talking to him, it was a Latina,
with black hair over her shoulder. He also saw she had hazel eyes and beautiful lips. She wore
a grey tank top and she was sitting down in a chair next to the bed with a soup bowl in her hand.
He couldn't see what else she wore. “Sorry to ask but do you know why your eyes are green?”
The woman asked. “It was this shard, and I squeezed it and I woke up like this.” Yosai
“Oh, well my name is Phalanx, they said your name was Yosai, correct?” Phalanx asked. “Yeah,
and thanks for helping me out right now.” Yosai said.
“No problem, anything for you.” Phalanx said. Yosai tried to sit up so he can actually eat the
soup but he had trouble.
Phalanx helped him and gave him the soup. “Thank you.” Yosai said as he picked up the spoon
and started to eat it.
After he was done Phalanx took it and helped him lay back down. “Well you should get rest
Yosai.” Phalanx said.
“Thanks again for the hospitality.” Yosai said, Phalanx smiled and turned off the lights.
“Goodnight.” Phalanx said about to close the door.
“Don't let the bed bugs bite.” Yosai joked, Phalanx chuckled and closed the door.

Authors Note: So I have actually came up with a good way to update the story, While I'm drunk I add, so every day except Tuesday and Wenseday will be updates. That's all I gotta say cheers

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