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Operator cuddled with Kunoichi as he laid down his bed to finally go to sleep. “Feels so good.”
Operator said kissing her on her cheek.
“Thanks for letting me sleep in here.” Kunoichi said as she put a hand on his head. “Especially
with that storm forming, your close to the windows so I won't let you get hurt.” Operator said.
Kunoichi smiled and kissed Operator. “Hopefully we can actually sleep now.” Operator said
closing his eyes.
The cell door opened and some random person walked in. Oracle didnt know who it was, the
cell door woke her up. “Hey wake up.” The person said kicking her bed.
“What?” Oracle said. “Get your clothes on.” The man said throwing the clothes to her.
Oracle winced, she got out of the covers and stood up. She grabbed the leggings first. She felt
the powerful stare of the man as she put her clothes on.
“Follow me.” The man said as Oracle finished putting on the shirt. Oracle obeyed and followed
He lead her to this room, it was a room with a table and two chairs on both sides. “What is this?”
Oracle asked. The man didn't respond and pushed her into it, and closing the door behind him.
Oracle was scared, she didn't know what was happening or where she was. The last thing she
remembered was her at this base. “Sit down.” A voice came on over the intercom.
She did so and looked around with a worried look. “Wait a minute.” The voice said again, then
the intercom cutting off.
  The door opened a minute later and a woman in a decorated military outfit walked in holding a
folder. Oracle read the name tag and it said, ‘Montgomery.’
Montgomery laid the folder down and sat down. “You know why your here?” She said opening
the folder and clicking a pen. “No.” Oracle hesitated.
She marked a paper. “What is your name?” Montgomery asked. “Oracle.” Oracle said.
Montgomery marked the paper again. “Do you at least know why your here?” She asked. Oracle
just shook her head.
“All good, anyways, your here because you commited a crime. Your punishment is to work it off
till you can prove that you deserve off the hook.” Montgomery said closing the folder.
Before Oracle could ask Montgomery left, leaving her alone again. After a few seconds a guard
came in and put her back into her cell.
Boh sat at the entrance to the train station waiting for the platoon to come. He sat eating a
breakfast bar and his sniper rifle next to him. As he finished up he saw Pris come over.
“Honey you got another one?” Pris asked sitting down next to him. “Sure, just make sure you
pay me back.” Boh said pulling out another bar.
“Thanks.” Pris said as Boh handed her a bar. “I wish they’d hurry up.” Pris said taking a bite out
of the bar.
“Yeah, a full patrol was wiped out and they are this slow?” Boh said, wiping his mouth.
“Eh, we hit some things along the way.” Pris said. Boh nodded and he leaned back.
“So what did you do before the war?” Pris asked. “Well i was about to graduate with a bachelor's
degree and become a teacher but then the war happened.” Boh said.
“I was actually apart of a mafia, we really were like mercenaries but then it all went wrong.” Pris
said, looking down.
“What happened?” Boh asked putting a hand on her shoulder. “We were supposed to kill this
gang causing trouble to the poor but then they killed most of us, Me, Kim, Om, and Ty were the
only survivors.” Pris said as she started to cry.
  “Hey, it's ok.” Boh said as he comforted her. Pris calmed down and only teared a bit, it was sad
for her.
There was no more time to mourn as a bang went off underground. Pris snapped out of it as
some make up faded. “Shit that's The Watch!” Boh said as he snapped up.
“Let me handle it.” Pris said standing up finishing her breakfast bar. “What about me?” Boh said
as he grabbed his rifle. “Cover the entrance.” Pris said as she went off to defend.
Boh just jumped on top of the roof and waited for them to come by. “We got em flanking!”
Matador said as he finished typing commands into a console. A huge machine came to life as
the UAF prepared to attack.
Boh didn't know who to shoot, but the Gorgon was attacking the UAF. He remembered that The
Watch was hostile so he went for Matador.
As he aimed the Gorgon just exploded. “Guess you can't trust machines, I have to do it myself.”
Matador said as he picked up his gun and fired back to the UAF.
“Oh come on!” He heard one of their soldiers say as she ran over for cover, and advantage. The
UAF had some good people Boh knew, Dogface and Cross.
“Fuck how’d that happen?” Boh asked himself as he spectated the battle. Then he noticed Pris
firing at the UAF, Matador has been defeated.
Boh aimed in on Nightingale and fired at her. He missed since she dodged them all. He saw
Ryker then aim in and fire a grenade blast on Pris, it hit her and the impact knocked her through
a office window.

Authors Note: Hearing aboht the update excites me, guess who's grinding for Briar?

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