Civil Help

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"You promise this is the way out?" Cinder asked the leader of the Grizzly Warriors. "I promise, help us clear it out and there should be a tank waiting for you to go back in america." Yak said as he plucked his knife out from the table. "Sound good to you?" Yanlong asked Cinder, who was still worried. "As long as we can get back to Kurtz we're good." Cinder replied

"Let me get my soldiers ready." Yak said as he puffed out some smoke and went out into the cold, his people waited by a campfire and some smoking outside the building neighbouring the cabin. "I need you all to come forth!" Yak shouted and some people in amour and even some rushed inside to get theirs. "For this is the time we strike, and deliver Kurtz's soldiers back!" Yak shouted again, the cold hitting his face, he barely reacted as he saw soldiers raise their guns.

"I think they're ready." Yak said as he turned to face the irregulars. "We're ready." Yanlong said.

Five minutes later, the group is out on the road, three armoured trucks carried soldiers armed to the teeth with weapons, amour, and grenades. "Need a refresher on the plan eh?" Omal asked, he turned his head. "We're going to the caverns and killing all the Crazies, securing gear, and we're going back home." Richter said and Omal nodded. "Exactly how we described it, we may lose a lot, that's what I fear." Omal said as he looked back up. "Come in Grizzly squad." The radio buzzed, and Omal picked it up. "Something wrong eh?" Omal asked and the radio was static, then gunshots hit the truck.

"Ambush!" Omal yelled as he quickly grabbed his gun, holding it in both hands, finger on the trigger, and hands steady. The truck suddenly swerved to the right as a tree was about to collide into the truck, failing, the truck was then put on two wheels, it fell back seconds later as the crash startled the irregulars.

"Let's get out and push back these sons of bitches!" Omal yelled as he got out, instantly firing. The back came down as the irregulars rolled into cover, they had the uphill advantage. Cinder fired at one quickly running up, he fell as the bullets hit his chest, falling back and rolling down the mountain.

"They got us heavy here!" Wyoming said as he fallen back to behind one of the trucks, a dozen enemies coming up, shooting at the soldiers, not noticing the Irregulars. Yanlong fired, knocking down one and receiving multiple bullets in return, luckily he was a tank. Richter then joined in to help, he was able to push the enemies into cover, which the Grizzly Warriors shredded the Crazies. "Im gonna need help over here!" Cinder said as she threw an acid bomb at a frenzy of them, which surrounded Omal and a few soldiers. Yanlong rushed over and pulled his mortar out, then fired into the frenzy, they heard the piercing sound of the bombshell coming in, but most of them got hit.

"Nice one!" Yak came on the radio, then an explosion went off next to Omal, killing him, sending part of leg off. "Shit!" A soldier yelled from the radius. Richter ran alongside his team to go fight the crazies. Richter then sent a rumble to the remaining enemies, they were knocked down, one tried to call to his weapon, but Yak charged him, taking his knife out, stabbing him multiple times in the chest, then letting him roll away, leaving a blood trail.

"Fuckers ambushed us and killed some of our army like that!" Yak said, very pissed then saw the smoke rising from a truck. "And took out a truck!" Yak yelled. "Sir, they shot the line in the other." Another soldier came by. "Ah fuck it, Wyoming, Jakob, Eric, Delta, and Colt! Take the last truck and face the gate, we'll go on foot!" Yak ordered, the five ran to the truck, the rest followed Yak and the irregulars down the mountain and close to the Crazies base.

"This will be a difficult mission, Cole, Tack, cause a distraction while me, Cinder, and Phil flank them, Yanlong, Richter, and the rest of you charge the force that goes after Cole and Tack." Yak whispered, he put his hand down and everyone did the same "Ready break!" everyone whispered as they went to carry out their goal.

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