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Note: A UAF chapter was skipped, we are basically running over a short little stop

As the three made their way back to HQ, soldiers waited with their guns ready. “We’re ok.”
Yosai said
The soldiers just nodded and opened the doors for them, and Welker was waiting there.
“Everything ok?” He asked as he rushed over.
“Yea, we had three of our own die, but we got the attacker.” Boh said.
“Ok, Operator bring her to the room, Boh and Yosai come with me.” Welker said, both of them
followed the commander.
“So every survivor is ok?” Welker asked. “We only had one, sorry sir that we couldn't save any
others.” Yosai said.
Welker nodded and led them to a room where Commanding officer Louis and Kurtz was waiting.
“Sit.” Kurtz ordered.
They obeyed. “Tell me how you captured the attacker.” Kurtz said. “And before you ask you
should know we got cameras in certain points for cases like this.”
“I lunged for her, I only was able to grasp the gear on her back, which slowed her down, then
Boh was able to tackle her.” Yosai answered.
“Did you retrieve her gear too?” Kurtz asked. “Yes, Operator brought it along with us, he has it
at the room along with her.” Yosai answered.
  “Ok, now Doctor Boh, are you really a doctor or is that your calling card?” Kurtz asked. “Oh, yes
sir.” Boh said, not expecting the question.
“We need another doctor around here, in ten minutes report to the experiment room.” Kurtz
ordered. “Yes sir.” Boh said.
“And Yosai go to Tess’s room.” Kurtz said. “Yes sir.” Yosai said as he got up. “Tell her I sent
you.” Kurtz said, Yosai simply nodded and he left the room.
Yosai walked through the shop and to Tess’s door and knocked. “Heya!” Tess said as she
swung her door open.
Tess has dyed her hair hair orange, she had her hair in two ponytails to the side. She had
golden eyes and freckles, she was in her late teens. Today she wore a crop top with small
patches of oil and grease, along with cargo pants in the same situation.
“Kurtz sent me here.” Yosai said not even missing a beat. Tess got serious real quickly, then
signaled Yosai to follow her. “So he giving you that promotion?” Tess asked.
“Yea, I guess so.” Yosai said. Tess pulled out keys and unlocked a locker room with gear on
both sides. “Well get gear for you, Kurtz is gonna make you be with the Irregulars.” Tess said
letting the door swing straight open.
“The Irregulars?” Yosai said. “Yea the sneaky sonofabitches running around scouting areas
out.” Tess jokingly said.
“But I may only be 16 but if I could i wanna be those people sneaking around all the time.” Tess
said. Yosai just sighed and followed her.
“Here.” Tess said tossing him a rifle, he caught it barely. “I like to call it Maria and she's
awesome, she is automatic with corrosive bullets.” Tess said, joking about the first part.
“Trust me when i say it's badass.” Tess said, and Yosai laughed.
“Your something special.” Yosai joked. “Moving on, grab whatever gear you want to look badass
when you're blowing shit up and all that.” Tess said opening up the locker room.
Yosai stepped in and saw gear like Cloaks, Masks, and even things like chains. “Kinky.” Yosai
  “Just grab whatever, im going to work on my gear.” Tess said as she left the room. “Just don't
mess anything up!” Tess shouted from the other room.
Yosai just rolled his eyes and looked around. He eventually grabbed a cloak, medium armor,
and a sling. As Yosai put his gear on the bench he noticed a green shard on the bottom.
He picked it up and had this weird rubber, squishy feel. “What type of shit is this?” Yosai thought
to himself as he squeezed it.
As Yosai squeezed it he had this tingly feeling then collapsed with a loud thud. Tess heard it
and came running in.
“Are you ok?” Tess said as she saw Yosia lay knocked out. She shook him and he opened his
eyes. “W-what happened?” Yosai groaned.
“Probably just hit your head.” Tess said looking at a pole in the floor. Yosai slowly got up without
“You feel good? Or do you think you need a doctor?” Tess asked. “Yeah, i think so.” Yosai said
as he rested against a wall.
“I'm going to continue working on my stuff, so you just do you.” Tess said as she walked away
slowly. “Ok, i think i got what i want.” Yosai said, Tess just gave him a thumbs up.

Operator didn't feel good after letting his people die like that, he paced around his room. “I can't
do this again.” Operator said to himself.
He seemed like a mad man but he knew in 5 minutes he had to go down into that room and help
the Machine operator out. “Why cant Kunoichi be here to help me?” Operator said to himself as
he looked in the mirror.
“Oh big brother!” His sister came back.
“Not now!” Operator said as he turned around. “Jeez brother you could be nicer!” Sister said.
Operator just shook his head and went to leave. The door suddenly locked. “I wanna talk to you
now!” Sister said as she appeared in front of him.
“Will you brainwash that bad lady?” Sister asked. “Yes.” Operator answered.
  “Why? She is emotionally hurt, she didn't feel her best that's what you always told me.” Sister
said. “This time it's different, she killed people.” Operator said as he knelt down.
“We want her to fight for us since we need all the firepower we can get.” Operator said. “Ok, but
can you tell me one more thing?” Sister asked. “What is it?”
“Will you and the lady your seeing ever get married?” Sister asked, Operator’s face turned pink.
“Umm… I don't know.” Operator awkwardly said.
“Ok, if so will you forget about me?” Sister asked. “No.” Operator said as he felt a cold air
surrounding him.

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