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Yosai was about to climb the tower to take watch to help the Rangers out, they've set up around a missile that was marked UAF that could help Kurtz win this war.

"Yosai can I talk to you for a second?" Bolt said as he walked over. "What is it?" Yosai answered. "The help is nice, I know you're not the highest ranked here but can you tell the girl and the fat boy to quit flirting? It's a distraction." Bolt politely asked and Yosai nodded.

"Yeah, I understand." Yosai said as he was about to walk to do so. "Not now, later when you come down from there, or whenever you can." Bolt said, putting his mechanical hand up a bit. "I'll make sure I do so." Yosai said, and he climbed the tower, and watched the area below.

Later when Yosai had to climb down he felt the oceanside breeze and it felt good. His replacement, Romanov went to take his post. "Make sure to watch..." Yosai started but Romanov groaned. "I know the drill, hell I'm too old for this horseshit." Romanov said and Yosai went to the rest area.

He went to get some rations and saw Savage and Pris talking. "Here ya go." Terra said handing Yosai some deer meat. "Thanks." Yosai said, grabbing the ration and walking over to Pris.

"Pris, can I talk to you, in private?" Yosai asked. "Sure is it important?" Pris asked and Yosai facepalmed. Pris just chuckled, "ok." Pris said and Yosai led Pris somewhere private.

"Everything ok?" Pris asked as she leaned against the tree. "Can you not flirt with Savage? Bolt asked me to tell you." Yosai said and Pris threw up in her mouth. "Him? Honey the only thing that keeps that fat sack of shit working is a pair of tits and a sweet voice, I'd never think of that of him." Pris said and Yosai chuckled a bit.

"Overreacted didn't ya?" Yosai joked. "Pretty much, but you get the point?" Pris asked and Yosai nodded. "Yeah I do, just get back to work then we gotta get to the Shoremen for that meeting, correct?" Yosai asked and Pris nodded. "Yeah, just make sure to remind me around 2000, ok?" Pris said and Yosai nodded.

"4.78, your getting faster." Operator said as he clicked the stopwatch for the last time today. "It's gonna be the last day before you go back to your base." Operator added.

"No shit." Nham said and looked at Operator seriously, sweat dripping down from his brow. "Don't be aggressive either." Operator said. Vanguard walked into the gym. "Ah shit, I got more people to face in basketball?" Vanguard joked. "Na, we just here to train, we are almost done." Operator said and Nham walked over. "I'm down to play basketball Op." Nham said.

"Well I gotta get this info recorded then maybe, I'm also a bit hungry." Operator said. "You can still stay here." Operator added. "You hungry for Kunoichi?" Vanguard joked and Nham laughed. "Jesus your reluctant on that ain't you?" Operator said. "Just to mess with my friends, not tryna fuck with your mind like that." Vanguard said. "Alright well see ya around Vanguard, Nham, make sure you go to bed on time." Operator said and Nham nodded.

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