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It was later that night, Yosai felt a tingly feeling in his eyes. He felt like he had contacts in.
Everybody else was asleep, so he decided to sneak out. He went to the bathrooms and looked
in the mirror. The tingly feeling was the fact his eyes have turned green and had markings on
his face.
“W-What the fuck!?!” Yosai whispered. He almost panicked but he decided to see if Operator
knew what was happening.
Yosai didn't want anyone to see so he made sure to be quiet as possible. He reached Operators
door and knocked. “Please be in here.” Yosai thought to himself.
  A minute passed and no one answered, he knocked again. This time Operator opened up in his
pajamas. “What do you… what the fuck happened?” Operator groaned but when he saw his
face, he instantly woke up.
“I don't know! I came here thinking you’d know!” Yosai whispered. “Shit just come in here.”
Operator said.
Yosai walked in as he closed the door behind him. “Look, im only doing this because I don't
want you hurt.” Operator said turning on a lamp. Kunoichi groaned as the light hit her eyes. “And
dont ask.” Operator added as he grabbed his medical kit.
“What's going on?” Kunoichi mumbled. “Hang on Kun, it’ll be quick.” Operator said. “Ok, what
effects are you experiencing?” Operator asked.
“My eyes are burning, and i feel like they are contacts.” Yosai said. Operator took out a mini
flashlight and checked his eyes. “Can you still look around or does it burn?” Operator asked.
Yosai looked around and it felt normal. “It feels ok.” Yosai said.
“I think it may be permanent, you may have the same case as Caine. Just go back to bed.”
Operator said.
“Fine, but i don't know if i can fall back asleep.” Yosai said. “Well tomorrow i'm pretty sure Caine
will tell you what to do.”
Yosai nodded and he walked out of the room. His eyes did still burn so he grabbed his gear and
his gun and went outside.
Yosai stared at the court, the event that gotten promoted. He went through his mind with all the
things he had to think about. He constantly thought about some inspirations that led his life to
this exact moment.
“4th quarter and the last play of the Kangaroos, this could debate if they make the playoffs.” The
announcer said as Yosai took his snap behind the center.
He knew his team counted on him to throw the ball perfectly. “If they win then they make it to go
to try to take down the Cougars.” The announcer said.
“Blue 49, Blue 49!” Yosai yelled as he looked at the defense, ready for the play. “HUT!” Yosai
yelled as he felt the ball hit his hands, he fell back and got ready to throw.
  He saw the defensive line wasn't able to get past, yet. Yosai saw his man getting separation, but
the cornerback was blitzing. Yosai stepped up and launched the ball deep, right as the
cornerback hit him.
Yosai fell to the ground from the hit, but the ball went farther than he thought. “Number 13
released the ball, but was it enough power?” The announcer said.
The ball was flying and it looked on target. Number 22 was his man, he looked back and he had
separation, the ball wasn't on target.
Walter turned around and caught it, but the cornerback was trying to tackle him. It took every
ounce of strength to break the tackle, he was successful and ran towards the end zone.
“THE KANGAROOS ARE GOING TO WIN IT!” The announcer yelled as the crowd cheered
Walter as he ran and ran. The Kangaroos won it and after every doubt there was.
Yosai remembered the exact feeling of the crowd, hyper and excited. He felt another breeze, he
was wearing his gear, he could get used to it. “Eh it's time to quit daydreaming.” Yosai said to
Just as Yosai was about to take his gear off he heard his radio start to become statically hyper.
“... P-patr-o-ol one.” The radio whispered. Yosai stopped and picked it up.
“Yosai here what is going on?” Yosai said as he held his button down. “T-The W-acth
ambu-ush.” It whispered again.
“This is S-Serj.” The radio said more clearly. Yosai sprang up grabbing his rifle, ready to help
the wounded. “What's your position Serj? I can head over.” Yosai said into the radio. “T-Train
station.” Serj said as the radio went dead on Serj’s end.
Without skipping a beat Yosai grabbed his rifle, checked the ammo and ran off to help the
patrol. “Not letting those bastards going.” Yosai said as he took off.
As the night went on, Yosai saw that a storm was brewing. Yosai was only a few blocks away,
he could see that the UAF was preparing to progress, he saw some corpses of KLG.
A dim light was off, it was in a hole dangling. “Shit, fresh hole.” Yosai said kneeling down.
  Yosai then saw some people down there. He jumped down and saw the patrol there. They were
all dead, he needed to find Serj at least.
“Serj! SERJ!” Yosai yelled. He only heard the rats skimmering and nothing else. Then Yosai
noticed some UAF stuff around.
“Oh no, they attacked earlier.” Yosai whispered seeing other KLG troops lying dead.
Then Yosai heard a chainsaw rev up. “No, no, NO!!” Yosai heard a distant scream as he heard
a chainsaw contracting flesh.
His instinct was to run, but it sounded, like Commander Nathans! Yosai took off running again to
the sound. As he turned a corner he saw a big, hunky, muscular guy wielding a chainsaw gun,
Under the bloody chainsaw was Nathans. Yosai turned off his safety and instantly started to fire
at him. “You son of a bitch!” Yosai yelled as bullets flew.
Matador only laughed and fired back. Yosai had to take cover as the bullets were almost hitting
him. He heard more of The Watch coming. “Keep him down, we gotta set up everything!” A
voice said from Matador’s side.
He obeyed, and as it processed through Yosai’s head, he realized it was a big scale attack.
“Show yerself and i'll make it quick!” Matador yelled.
“Never!” Yosai said on his last shots. He heard Matador reloading so he fired, it only hit the
“Fall back!” Matador yelled as he was knocked down. Yosai saw that one of there’s was going
over to help him. Yosai grabbed a fallen comrades rifle and fired.
Then a pulse of energy hit him, hard. Yosai was knocked back into the concrete wall. Then he
heard Halo approaching through his blurry vision.
“Try harder in the afterlife!” Halo remarked about to kill him off. Then he saw another figure
grabbing her shoulder.
“Don't, let the Morlocks use him.” The figure said as he hugged her. “Save the ammo for when
UAF decide to try us.” He said.
“Fine.” Halo said as she hugged back. The two left him alone, and Yosai passed out.

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