Alternative Wish

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No response. Operator was about to try again but the radio buzzed, “Commander Welker here,
what's your situation?” Welker radioed.
“We were ambushed, they were able to kill the prisoner.” Operator said.
There was a long period of silence. “You ok Kunoichi?” Operator said as he noticed she had her
helmet off. “It's hot as hell out here.” She replied.
Operator was about to speak before Welker came back on the radio, “What's your position? We
will send a group to retrieve the prisoner?”
“At Paris street next to the… Last Stand bar.” Operator answered as he looked around for
anymore landmarks. “Ok, is there anymore people around you?” Welker said.
“Sentry, that's the person who made the attacker surrender.” Operator said. “Ok, I need you and
Kunoichi to head over to the docks, we are trying to get a ship out and we may need backup just
in case.” Welker said.
“Copy, me and Kunoichi will report to the docks.” Operator said as he signaled Kunoichi to
follow him. “It shouldn't be much of a walk so you don't have to run.” Welker said before he quit
As the sun was setting, Operator and Kunoichi were at the docks helping load the ship. The
UAF hasn't shown up so they thought they wouldn't attack. “Alright, the ship is departing.” The
captain of the ship said.
Everyone had a mini celebration, the ones that stayed on land went inside to cool off. “Im glad
we’re out of the heat now.” Operator said to Kunoichi.
“Me too.” Kunoichi said as she sat down at one of the tables in a restaurant. “I'm glad the UAF
haven't attacked, this place is way too nice.” Operator said as a waitress came by and gave
them a cup of water. Both of them nodded “thanks.”
“It's The one place they didn't destroy that is actually nice.” Kunoichi said as she took off her
helmet so she can drink. “The fact that Kurtz is letting us recreate this place is awesome of him.”
Operator said doing the same as Kunoichi did.
“I just don't get why the UAF hate us, even the Patriots are helping us now.” Kunoichi said.
Operator nodded and took a drink.

2 hours later... (These are the only times these happen)
The people at the restaurant were all socialising. Some Magistrates have come by like
Salvatore, Gammond, and Hardscope. “I’m enjoying the peace while I can.” Salvatore said as
he took his 4th shot.
Operator chuckled at that, he hasn't taken a shot yet, the mood felt odd for him. “I see you
haven't tried to let loose Op.” Kunoichi said as she poured a shot for him.
“It doesn't feel like the right place ya know?” Operator said as he shook his head no to the shot.
“What's wrong?” Gammond asked him as he took it for him.
“I don't know, I may just go back to base.” Operator said as he grabbed his gun and helmet. “I
won't stop ya but next time make sure your up to drink.” Gammond said as he nodded goodbye.
“I will.” Operator smiled as he walked out to head back home

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