Battle to Remember

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"Uno!" Vanguard yelled as he put down a plus four, and Operator drew his cards. "Fuck man, you better not have a wild." Operator said, Sentry looked at his own cards, then looked at Steele. "Do it and I bash your head into that crate." Steele joked as Sentry smiled.

Sentry put down a blue two, Steele put down a blue one. Vanguard laughed as he was about to put down the last card he had but then gunfire started to rise outside, near the entrance of Blackthorne. "Fuck! I was about to win!" Vanguard yelled as he grabbed his helmet and LMG.

Operator chuckled as he grabbed his gun, and followed Steele to the entrance of Blackthorne. Operator took his spot on the balcony of the entrance and saw it was two UAF. "Two UAF, looks like the one eyed dude and some chick." Operator radioed as he fired at them progressing towards the gate. Soldiers rushed out to defend the base, and they held their ground.

Sentry and Vanguard came last and Vanguard took the frontlines along with Steele. Vanguard was the first and got into his defensive stance, and fired at Ryker. But the chick counteracted and fired a mechanical blast at Vanguard. He staggered and Ryker fired his missiles.

"Shit don't worry!" Operator said as he healed Vanguard, and he got back into his stance. "Thanks man." Vanguard said as he started to chew through Ryker's cover, which was an abandoned car, which was about to lose all cover to it. He went to the other car which the chick who had the shotgun, slid over to make room.

Soon they fell back due to the lack of cover and fire that they received, as they ran away some soldiers ran after them, Vanguard fell to a knee as they escaped. "You alright man?" Steele asked offering a hand out for him. "Yeah, that combo they dropped was fucking hard as shit." Vanguard panted, and accepted his help.

"I didn't get to have my fun." Sentry joked as he jumped down. "Yea your energy too they would have fucked you up as well." Vanguard said as he walked the pain off. Operator went down the stairs and helped Vanguard over to the medical bay to make sure he didn't break anything.

"What card did you have?" Operator asked as he opened the door, and Vanguard responded with, "green one." "Damn what a coincidence." Operator chuckled as a nurse came over.

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