Inside My Head

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Cinder was waken out of her daze when Cole tried to get her up, her hearing was impaired and she could tell she was in a gunfight. She tried to look around but her head ached, her left hand felt like it was absolutely crushed, and she felt like she was dying. "Cinder, c'mon get up!" Cole said, her hearing was slowly going back to normal, but her ears still rang. Cinder used Cole as support as she slowly got up, he helped her as he kept her arm around the back of his neck and he tried to bring her away from the helicopter, which crash landed due to turbulence.

"Richter, We need to get her to base." Cole said, Richter ducked as he hid behind a tree. "These Rangers aint letting up, can you lay down cover fire?" Richter asked as he reloaded, a tomahawk hitting the branch, Richter felt the impact of it. "Yeah, Cinder is gonna need some emergency treatment." Cole said as he brought his assault rifle off his back and took cover as he laid Cinder against a boulder. Cole laid down covering fire as Yanlong limped back to his group, he held his leg, which was bleeding badly. "They got me good." Yanlong said as he leaned against a tree.

"We're gonna need any medical supplies we can use." Richter said as he brought out a small roll of bandages, he wrapped up Yanlong's wound and threw the useless roll to the side. "Cole, keep it going!" Richter said as he grabbed his own gun and fired at the Rangers. "Get them out of here, I'll lag behind to help you!" Cole said as he reloaded to another clip. Richter nodded and he signaled for Yanlong to follow him, they used the bushed and fallen trees as cover when they ducked, when Cole saw an opening, he picked up Cinder and followed behind them, as they made a dash to get away they heard the Rangers behind them. Before they knew it they came across a clearing and a hero stood with his gun pointed at them. "Stop, or else all four of you die." The hero said coldly, he kept his gun aimed at them and Yanlong held his wound, and raised his other hand. "Don't attempt anything, your lucky we're letting the rook do this." Mandrake's grizzly voice said behind them, they heard him cock his shotgun. "You should have known the price of coming here Irregulars." Bolt added. "Look, sorry to bother you, our helicopter crashed, we're sorry." Yanlong tried to explain, but it didnt make much of a difference. "Either way, your still getting charged, let us check the supplies." Mandrake said, Cole took the backpack off his shoulders, he lifted it up and Mandrake snatched it, then tossed it to the hero. "You check it Beta, decide if they walk away or we take it." Mandrake said, and Richter looked at him. "We don't have much-" "Be quiet, let him decide." Bolt interrupted Richter, he only sighed and put his hands back up. Beta opened the pack and looked around, it only had one can of soup and nothing else but some seasoning and a water bottle. Beta opened everything else and found some small things but he zipped it back up and tossed it back to Cole. "You need what you can to get back to your base, I'll let you slide this one time, next time you come back around you owe us 75%. Consider yourself lucky." Beta said and he let the Irregulars get up. "Thank you." Yanlong said and Beta nodded.

The Irregulars then went through the rest of the clearing and got to base before Nightfall. "Holy shit, Operator get over here!" Sentry shouted as Operator put his tray down and rushed over to the gate. "Holy shit guys what happened?" Operator asked as he got opened the gate. "Our helicopter crashed in Ranger territory. We'll explain later just get Cinder and Yanlong to the medical bay." Richter said. Operator nodded and he helped Cinder and Yanlong limped behind. "What about the other one?" Sentry asked. "My name is Cole, I helped them get here." Cole answered and Sentry slowly nodded. "Well welcome to the KLG..."

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