Basketball and Fun

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Operator finally woke up normally, without a alarm. He lazily opened his eyes to see Kunoichi is
still there in his arms.
“Good morning.” Operator said as he kissed her on her forehead. Kunoichi smiled, as she rolled
over to look at him.
They simply just slept together from last night, Operator was in some comfy clothes. “How did
you sleep?” Operator asked as he stretched out his legs.
“Good.” Kunoichi mumbled as she almost dozed off again. Operator just smiled and got up, he
had to get back to his room to see if anyone left any mission details.
  Kunoichi looked and slowly got up. “I'll see you later.” Operator said as he kissed Kunoichi
“See you later.” Kunoichi said, Operator smiled as he left the room.
As Operator walked to his room he saw Yosai was waiting there. “Yo Operator wanna play
Basketball in a few minutes?” Yosai asked.
“Uhh, lemme check if i got anything to do today.” Operator said as he opened his door to see no
notes left or papers.
“Well looks like i'm gonna come.” Operator said as he walked in. “Sweet, just meet us outside at
the court.” Yosai said. “Ok got it.” Operator said as Yosai nodded and walked away.
Operator grabbed his gear and put it on and went outside to see them already playing. He
walked over and saw Yosai, Rogue, Boh, and a few others playing.
“Jeez Op, i'd thought you’d play.” Boh said as he looked over. “Someone has to watch over
everyone.” Operator said as he sat down on a bench.
It was teams of three, Rogue, Philip, and Jake versus Boh, Yosai, and Kyle. Operator smiled, he
didn't usually watch people play basketball like this.
He found it peaceful, then it all changed. As the game winded down and the last shots were
taken, the game was over.
They shook hands, and praised each other. “Hey good game.” Rogue said walking over to
Yosai, then a gunshot went off.
It hit Rogue right in the head, instantly dying on the spot, falling over, limp. Operator quickly
reacted and grabbed his gun. “Get down!”
Operator yelled as he fired back at the attacker, who was behind a dirt mound off in the
distance. Boh reacted differently, charging at the attacker alongside Yosai.
The attacker fired more rounds hitting two more soldiers. It happened too fast for Operator to
see who it hit, when the attacker quit firing he chased after them. “You! Get to safety!” Operator
ordered the remaining survivor before he charged off.
  The attacker noticed and took off, but Boh and Yosai were hot on her tail. The chase eventually
lead through a forest, where Boh started slowing down. Yosai sprinted forward and lunged at
her, only managing to grab her back gear, that halted her a lot as Boh tackled her.
Boh grabbed a branch and was about to start beating her with it but Operator came in just in
time. “Calm down.” Operator said as he grabbed Boh’s arm.
He eventually stopped trying and dropped the branch, The attacker winced. “Please dont hurt
me!” The attacker cried.
“We should kill you right now and be over with it.” Boh said.
“No! I'll do anything!” The attacker cried out. “What's your name then?” Operator said.
After she didn't respond, Operator pulled out a rag and Chloroform. “Ok, its Oracle.” She said.
“Thank you, but welcome to the KLG.” Operator said in a cold manner as he poured the
chloroform onto the rag.
“Wait please don't! I promise i'll do anything!” Oracle said as a few tears streamed down her
face. Operator just ignored the mercy call and put the chloroform over her nose and mouth.
Oracle struggled and tried to rebel, but she ended up falling unconscious. “Damn, that was cold
man.” Yosai said holding his arm, which was bleeding.
Operator just grabbed bandages and patched him up. “It's nothing but a cut, you wont need
stitches.” Operator said as he put his supplies back and picked up Oracle.
“What are we doing with her?” Boh asked. “We're gonna turn her into our side.” Operator said
walking back to home.

Authors Note: This will probably be the last daily updates, I'm going to wait until the weekends and when I hopefully get more views, most of the short chapters are out of the way... I may just do a massive update to where I get it caught up, it dosent take long to put the chapters in, maybe 2 minutes at most without these notes, so... I might, I'll keep track of the views

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