Ghiaccio : Cabin Fever

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This got randomly dark for no reason to be honest but it's one of my first Ghiaccio fics, dedicated to my best friend because he's her fave and she's always stuck by me.
Named after the song at the top by one of my favourite bands.

I'm gonna nail his character in my next work because I don't think I quite managed it here.

A sharp jolt to the cheek woke him up, light gradually filling in for his blurred vision behind the shattered visor. He was on the carpet of some tatty motel room somewhere, early morning sun poking through the closed blinds.
"Get up," that familiar voice ordered, its owner stood over him with a glare, threatening to kick him again.
Embarrassed, he scowled, sweeping a closed fist to take out your ankles. Though you didn't quite dodge his attack, you caught yourself well, landing in a sort of squat above his waist. Gripping the chin of his mask, it was jerked up so he could see you properly, clarifying it was you. His arms wrapped around your figure and pulled you closer so his lips could assault yours in a lustful yet forgiving frenzy. Teeth nipped at your bottom lip as you tried to pull away, granting more room to wrench his stupid helmet off and set bouncy curls spring forth. Holding onto the soft tresses, your top was practically broken into, skilled fingers pulling apart the front seam to expose your breasts to his freezing touch.
"You're always fucking late," he hissed into your neck as your back arched into his groin with a sigh. "I'm always pissing out blood or practically fucking dead before you turn up!" Pulling away, he allowed you to help shrug off his shirt, armour safely discarded into the Stand realm and leaving his usual clothes.
"Shut up, I didn't have to come and get you at all." Wrenching it down his arms, you were shoved back off his lap, prompted to undress your bottom half. "Maybe you should be less careless, stupid boy."
Aggressively, Ghiaccio de-shoed himself, removing his pants briskly whilst you leisurely dropped your pants to your ankles, letting them pool around your feet before stepping out of them, along with your knickers without a care in the world. He was always so desperate when he'd been at death's door. "You're lucky you even made it, that gunslinger almost made mince meat of your neck." Staring up at him cheekily, the ice boy didn't see the humorous side. Gripping you by your arms, he spun you and pinned you to the bed face down, clambering over your nude body so he could prepare to really give you one. "Maybe I should fuck him instead, he might do a better job of not almost dying," your tone was sultry and mocking, arms stretching out in a feline position as if you weren't bothered by his near fatal blow. Aligning his already stiff cock with your entrance, you hummed as he entered you roughly with no warning. A grin formed on his lips, hands gripping for dear life onto your hips already.
"Maybe you should fuck yourself, Frozone, you might do a better job of cleaning up the mess," he retorted, with a sharp slap to the ass. Sucking in a squeal, your giggle only spurred him on more to pound you harder into the creaking slab of springs and chunks of sponge. Beginning to moan through sloshed noises, he tormented you about what a slut you were, making such a racket already. Rolling over and fighting one another with passion, you eventually finished, saturated in sweat and bruised to hell, scratches lining each other's bodies. The encounter didn't last that long due to hormonal urges, but it felt like a lifetime. Lay beside you, he matched his chest to yours, lowering it to kiss your throat. A husky groan escaped when your nails dragged down his chest, scraping the flesh as you shoved him off of you, leaving the bed to throw some clothes on and head back out.
"Why do you always do this?" His lilted voice grated on you as you turned your head slowly to glance at him with cold eyes. Ghiaccio didn't take kindly to this, leaping from the hotel sleeper in order to tower over you, his dark eyes searching yours for your real feelings, if there were any. "Well? Why don't we just get together? Find a house, live a proper life." Your eyes widened at his proposition.
"That's the stupidest thing you've ever suggested to me," you spat, folding your arms and averting your glare. Suddenly, he took your arms and shook you, repeating his words.
"We've gotten away with it this long, why not just make it official." You were silent. "Y/N, we meet up and fuck all the time; are you trying to tell me you only save my life for that?"
"I save your life because I'm in too deep." Breathing heavily, he blinked from behind red frames, lips parting just a bit. "That's the truth. I love you."
You swallowed, lip trembling against his with teary eyes. Shaking breaths rammed the man's chest, emotion taking him over wildly. Balancing on your tiptoes, you pressed a farewell kiss to his lips, to which he desperately reciprocated, gripping on your clothes to try stall you from leaving.
"Don't go," he whispered. "Let's just run away."
"I would have run away years ago if I could." Retreating to the door, he just watched as it opened, revealing the sun's rays from behind your silhouette as he refused to chase you. "But I won't be coming to your rescue anymore." Those were the last words you said before vacating the premises and getting in your car. Turning the ignition on, you considered going back and just running away from gang life like he said. Just for a second. But you chose this life. Getting close to your targets was easy, severing the relationship had been hard with this hotheaded iceman.

Unfortunately, a second was too late and you felt hands clamp you to your seat from behind. Clawing at the asphyxiating hold, it was too physically strong for you to bear. You couldn't even call Ghiaccio or struggle out before everything went dark. You died with him in your thoughts. Thoughts of what a life away from Passione might have been like. Thoughts of a cabin in the woods, logs on the fire, returning from walks with Ghiaccio, his personality unchanged as he ranted about various names for bugs and flowers that didn't fit.

Your final thought however, was why you didn't just run when you had the chance.

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