Chapter 23

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"Okay just calm down, it'l be alright. Don't be nervous I'll be right beside you the whole time-"

"Camz...I think you're the one that needs to calm down. It's fine, I don't care where we are, being with you is all I want." Lauren gave our intertwined hands a little squeeze and smiled at me.

We had been standing outside my house now in front of the door for about 10 minuted while I discussed my new punishment and why I had to move our date inside my house. She was surprisingly cool with it all and had no problem with the sudden change of plans.

I was the only one between the two of us that seemed bothered by the situation. I wasn't ready for Lauren to meet my father. In all actuality I thought she'd never have to because I'd never expected the poor excuse of a man to reenter out lives out of nowhere, or at all to be honest. I already wasn't comfortable with being under the same roof with my parents, being the reason I scurried out of my house this morning. I have yet to see the two interact and I was nowhere close to being ready to see them act like a couple again.

Besides, I really didn't need my mom and dad on my case while Lauren was around. My mom likes her, which makes me happy but I don't need any snide remarks or shade from my dad because she was here. I hope he doesn't say a word because I would be more than glad to put my father in his place if he even thought of disrespecting Lauren or our relationship, which was another thing I was worried about.

How was I suppose to ask Lauren to be my girlfriend when my parents just completely fucked up my whole plan tonight? I had everything planned out and set, it was supposed to go as smooth as possible and now I had to improvise...great.

I was brought out of my thoughts by the feeling a something soft pressed against my cheek. I felt the heat surge through my body as gulped and turned to look at the source of my now flushed cheeks and see a smiling Lauren staring at me with those gorgeous green eyes of hers.

"You zoned out there for a second." She tucked her bottom lip out of sight before licking her perfect lips, still staring at me in the process.

She's obviously trying to kill me.

"Uh...l-lets go in." I shake my head and clear my throat, taking her hand in mine and opening the door, not before noticing her smug smirk as I guide her inside.

Just as I'd thought, my parents were waiting right by the stairs, in the same spot I had left them, except now, Sofi was beside them. My mom puts on a warming smile as Sofi charges for Lauren and wraps her arms around the older girl's legs.

"Lauren!" She squeals. Lauren's face lights up immediately as she picks Sofi up and lightly tosses her into the air before placing her on her hip and pinching her cheek adorably.

"Hi princess. How are you?" Lauren beams down at her. Sofi smiles widely and wraps her arms around Lauren's neck.

"Good!" She squeals.

"And how's June and Bubbles?" She playfully inquires.

"They're good! It was June's birthday yesterday and I gave her the flower you gave me as a present." She smiles excitedly. Lauren's eyes softened a little as her smile grew wider as she re-positioned Sofi on her hip.

"Really? Did June like the flower?"

"Yes, she thought it smelled really really good just like you said it would!" Sofi nods. I smile watching the endearing moment before me, my heart swelling at the cute moment between the two as my mom looked on with a smile and even my dad at this point.

"I'm glad she did." Lauren smiled. "I'll make sure to get her more okay?" Sofi nods vigorously. Lauren finally looks up to meet my parents gaze with a warming smile.

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