Chapter 31

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"How was that?" Lauren yelled to one of the soundcheck guys and her manager.

We were at the venue where the VMAs were gonna be held on tomorrow night and this place was freaking huge. Being in this spacious and enormous building while watching my girlfriend was a big switch from my everyday activities of Tumblr scrolling and reading every book in my collection.

Speaking of the lovely black haired beauty that I happily call mine, looking at her now from the left of the stage, I can tell that she's completely comfortable and in her element onstage in the empty arena. She stood with full confidence and her facial expression along with the subtle glint in her eyes signaling that she enjoying herself just being where she was in place on that stage.

"Good, I heard you perfectly!" Her manager throws an okay sign her way before turning to the technical guy who nods in agreement. "Are your levels good for you?" He asks Lauren to which she nods.

"Yeah, I just had to turn it up a bit." She replies, playing around with the earpiece in her left ear. She takes a glance at me, and I throw up both of my thumbs, giving her a wide smile which makes her laugh a little before she sends me a wink.

"Cool, alright so let's practice a little of that performance for tomorrow night, show me how this song goes again?" He yells out to her. She nods and places the microphone back onto the idle stand and looks behind her, sharing a few mumbles with her band and then nods agreeing with them before placing her hand back onto the mic stand and looking down to the ground, playing with her ear piece once more.

To say that I was anxious to see what she was singing was an understatement. No matter how many times I begged her to share with me her original song that she was performing, she wouldn't budge. She seemed really excited about it though and I fail to see how she's kept her mouth shut about the performance this past month but nonetheless I know she'll do great.

As her band began to play, I couldn't help but feel as if I've heard that melody before. I tilt my head to the side and squint in concentration. I see Lauren peer over at me with a little smirk before she picks her head up and stares into the barren space in front of her.

"Out of the seven billion people in this world, there's only you.

Almost a million words that I could say, but none of them will do.

So many years that I have lived, but it feels like I've just begun...

Out of the seven billion people, baby, you're the only one."

She looks over at me and smiles slightly as she sees the realization take over my face. I see her nearly chuckle at my expression before she turns back to the venue space.

"I've been too many places. I've seen too many faces.

I wrote too many pages; never found a love like you. (Love like you)

I don't know how to say it. It's been more than amazing.

My whole life, I've been waiting; never found a love like you. (Love like you)"

She was singing the song that she had played for me back at the abandoned Coffee shop in Miami, the day she made me realize that breaking down didn't mean I was weak, the day she made me realize that falling for her was going to be instantaneous. And the day I finally put my trust in her, not giving a fuck about my past and focusing on my future, and this girl here, this wonderfully made and imperfectly perfect human being right here...was my future.

"Sleep, dream, you, repeat. Live, die next to me.

Sleep, dream, you, repeat. Sleep, dream.

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