Chapter 17

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"What the fuck?" I say agitated.

"What now?" Dinah raises and eyebrow as she types away on her phone, not making eye contact with me.

"She just said 'hi' with an ellipses." I groan.

"Sound like anyone you know?" She says giving her phone a pointed look, still typing and not looking up at me. I glare at her, burning holes into her head as I'm sure she felt them but chose not to acknowledge me still.

"She could've said something more at least." I sigh.

"What did you want her to say? 'What the fuck do you want?', because she could've." Dinah says, obviously referring back to our conversation a few weeks ago.

"Dinah could you not right now?" I groan.

I've been trying to reach out to Lauren for 3 days now. She hasn't really been too talkative with me since my little spazz on Wednesday night and I honestly don't blame her. I've been trying to find a way to apologize but she hardly gives me the time of day when I try to talk to her now and its honestly killing me.

"What do you expect Mila?" She asks finally bringing her attention away from her phone. "You went freaking King Kong on her for wanting to hang out with you. She's been chasing you and chasing you, taking your advice in trying to take it slow and yet you still can't seem to be happy with that." Dinah lectures. She shakes her head and just sighs.

"I told you both, I don't wanna get hurt. And you both know how stand-offish I am about relationships, I can't just let myself fall-"

"...but Mila that's thing. I think you've already started to fall. And you know what a fall is like. Once you realize you're falling, there's no stopping it. No rewinding. You just gotta let it happen." She explains.

"I like her okay. I do. I just don't know how to do this." I place my head in my hands and exhale loudly. "She's barely talked to me in 3 days. She's giving me the space I yelled at her to give me, yet I feel like I'm slowly suffocating." I express while shaking my head. I hear a long pause and a breath being exhaled by Dinah before I feel her sit beside me on the carpeted floor of my room.

"I've been desperately waiting for you to admit something like that dork." She tries to joke. I want to laugh but I feel a great amount of pain with the subject at hand of Lauren ignoring me. "Have you tried apologizing yet?" She continues, noticing I'm not in the laughing mood.

"No I haven't. I don't know how." I shrug. "What am I even suppose to say?" I ask.

"Maybe 'I'm sorry for being a total bitch, forgive me and I'll make you my Woman Crush Wednesday'?" She giggles, this time around actually getting a quiet chuckle out of me.

"I can't text an apology because that's just pointless. Where's the emotion in that?" I saw her about to speak up and I put a hand over her mouth before she can. "And no I'm not calling her, that gives me anxiety just thinking about it." I say quickly as she nods understandingly. I carefully take my hand off of her mouth and pinch her cheek playfully before standing up.

"Well just apologize at the meet and greet. Problem solved." Dinah shrugs, joining me on her feet as we walk to sit on my bed.

" I can't face her." I said as my eyes widened at her suggestion. "I'll just make a fool out of myself."

" kinda don't have much of a choice. Either call or wait til Monday its basically all you've got." She shrugs again.

"Ugh...why does this have to be so damn hard?" I push a pillow into my face and rest it up against my knees. I hear Dinah's chuckle as she lightly smacks my back and rubs it.

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