Chapter 16

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"So what's the update?" Dinah says as soon as she answers the phone.

"Hello to you too." I roll my eyes.

"Whatever. What happened?"

"Why do you think something happened? How do you know she didn't hand me the tickets and leave?" I question with a playful smirk on my face. I hear her scoff through the phone.

"You're funny. Plus I told you to call as soon as she left and it is now..." She pauses. "Almost 6:30, so go ahead." She adds.

I open the bag of pretzels I had gotten downstairs when I first called Dinah and plop down onto my bed, laying there and staring at the ceiling.

"Eh, it wasn't that important. She came, met Sofi and my mom, which by the way, thanks for spilling the details to her bafoon." I pester her.

"Well I had to, its not like you would've. Besides, I had no one else to gush with about you finally dating." She giggles.

"So you and my mom had an in-depth conversation about me and Lauren?" I raise eyebrow, receiving a simple 'mhm' in response. "I have no words for you." I shake my head and chuckle a bit.

"Oh yes you do." She counters. "Now spill Mila, I'm dying over here!" She whines into the phone.

"Why are you acting like a four year old who just dropped there popsicle?" I say amused.

"Stop avoiding the subject and talk." She demands.

"Alright alright, what do you wanna know?"

"Did you kiss yet?"

"Of course you would ask that." I chuckle. " we did not."

"Did you want to though?"

"Dinah!" I whine.

"You wanted to though, I know you did." She snickers.


"Just tell me how it went in general."

"Alright. She came and she brought flowers." I smile to myself and feel myself blushing at the thought of that again. "And like she gave two of them to Sofi and Mallory." I continued. "Then she asked me how my day was and called me beautiful." I sigh happily. "And like she actually knew about what we were studying in AP History. She helped me study and I might not fail this test Friday because of her."

I lay upside down on my bed and hang my head off of the end of the bed. I lift my feet in the air and slowly start swinging them back and forth.

"Then like Sofi and Mallory would always mess with us but Lauren would always play with them for a bit before helping me study again." I begin to ramble. "She even helped my mom put up the groceries." I gush. "Everything was perfect and when she looked at me with those eyes." I sigh exaggeratedly. "Those eyes...and had it not been for my mom bursting in the room we would've ki-um..." I clear my throat. "Yeah it was cool." I try to play off my last sentence.

"I knew it. This is the best thing I've heard in years. The Camren ship is soon to set sell." Dinah squeals.

"The what now?" I raise an eyebrow.

"Camila + Lauren = Camren, you dumbass."

"Okay okay, are you done belittling me? I should probably get back to studying, and you should too."

"You just wanna stop talking about Lauren and go back to drooling over her by yourself." She says.

"Goodbye Dinah." I sing before hanging up.

I pull out my notes again and move past the Hamilton vs. Jefferson debacle now that I finally understand it. I was about 1 minute into the new material when my phone rung again. I knew it was Dinah so I huffed and answered.

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