Chapter 3

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I never thought I'd see myself at a Lauren Jauregui concert. In the middle of this screaming pit of obsessive and horny teenage girls and guys...but here I am, next to my best friend who has also joined in the wild and ruthless antics of the other 5,000 people surrounding us. I swear we've been here for a good amount of about 25 minutes and I have a busted eardrum. She hasn't even come out yet, what the hell?

These people have lost their damn minds in here. I clearly just overheard someone say how they're going to launch their thong on stage if she looks at them. I just heard another person say they would pay money to have her choke them. Am I at a concert or a damn BDSM club?

And then I hear the one thing I've been dreading all night...her music starts to play.

"There she is!" A fan yells.

"Yes! Yes! Lauren Baby!" Another one screams.

"Chancho, Chancho. Oh my gosh, Oh my fucking gosh! It's her! It's her!" Dinah tightly grabs onto my left arm and squeezes it so hard, I'm sure they'll be prints there later. She jumps up and down and points to the stage where, of course, the one and only Lauren Jauregui is rising from under the ground.

"Pft...such an original entrance." I mutter while I roll my eyes and shake my arm out of Dinah's grip to cross them firmly over my chest.

The crowd is going absolutely wild and I'm getting way more than a migraine just standing here listening to this shitty music and screeching parakeets known as her "Jaguars".

Dinah has been up twerking for the last three songs and I don't think she's stopping anytime soon to be quite honest. As I look around me I notice I'm the only one not fist pumping and screaming. Even the parents of the little teenage girls are up enjoying themselves. Dinah's glared at me a few times as she heard me scoff every time the crowd made a huge ruckus over a note the singer hit, or a dance move she displayed. Overall she didn't hear me every single time I had some remark or I'm sure she would've strangled me by now.

I'm starting to feel like a bad best friend. I mean she did practically beg me to come with her. I'm the only person she wanted to experience this with and here I am being a Debby Downer. It's her birthday and I can't even make it special for her. Wow, I'm an ass. I guess it wouldn't kill me to try and at least seem to be having a bit of fun...for Dinah. I take an exasperated sigh and almost grimace at the thought of what I was about to do next.

I put my right hand in the air and start to fist pump along with the rest of the crowd. Dinah's been ignoring me for a while now since she's probably sensing the pain I'm in just being here so she's doing her own thing a few feet away from me. I jump up and down to maneuver through the crowd, blending in with everyone to reach my best friend. Once I'm by her side she looks down at me with a shocked expression. That expression of shock soon turning into a smug smile as she turn back to the stage and continues to jump up and down, and I joining her.

One song came on that Dinah described as her 'Ultimate Booty Pop Jam' and she twerked for the whole time. Yeah, the whole 4 minutes and 23 seconds. I was actually having a good time laughing at her and dancing around that I too, attempted to "booty pop" to the song. Dinah facial expression was priceless as she cackled at my pitiful attempt at it. I managed to look up to the stage and steal a glance at the singer who had her eyes on me for split second before smirking and going back to dancing around the stage.

Goodness I hope she saw none of that.


"Wow Mila! Who knew you'd finally wind down and enjoy yourself." Dinah exclaims while hooking our arms together. I was almost out of breath as we were in line at the VIP Meet & Greet.

"Only for you DJ." I sigh. "It wasn't that bad, I mean after all, I still have my hearing...well kinda." I mutter while pressing a finger to my ear and rubbing it around.

"All in all I'm just glad you had a swell time...for me." She smiles. "Mila! We're almost to the front of the line!" She screeches. I flinch at her sudden outburst and shake my head playfully.

"Do you think I should tell her its my birthday? Or is that like begging to get a happy birthday from her, like asking for too much?" She rambles.

"CheeChee...if she doesn't tell you happy birthday she'd be an oblivious have on a princess crown, with candles sticking out of it by the way. And a huge blinking button that reads 'Its my MF birthday'" I chuckle.

"Right! Its obvious...right?" She says frantically.

"Mhm, not like your sanity, you nervous wreck." I joke. "Come on, its our turn." I say re-hooking our arms and tugging on hers trying to make her follow my lead, but she doesn't budge. "Dinah!"

"I'm not ready." She widens her eyes as she looks in the direction of the singer, who is sitting patiently waiting for us to approach the table.

"Ohhhh no, you can't get nervous and shy now, you've been hype all week. Come my child." I forcefully drag her in the direction of her favorite singer before she can protest.

We approach the girl sitting behind the table and she sends us a warm smile as we walk towards her.

"Why hello there." Her husky voice catching me off guard, sending a subtle smirk my way. Her dazzling emerald green eyes piercing into my dull brown ones and sending an unknown and tingly vibe through my body.


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