Chapter 2

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I hear my phone ringing at an obnoxiously loud volume beside me on my table. I groan and throw a pillow over my head to suppress the sound of the annoying noise.

As I can tell its not stopping at any time soon I throw the pillow off and stare at my ceiling before glaring at my phone. I see outside that the sun is just beginning to creep into view so I can already guess it's early morning. I find the strength to lift my arm over to the table and grab the phone off of it. Dinah's name and picture popping into my view as I stare at the phone. I sigh and rub my eyes as I accept the incoming call.

"Dinah...I know your excited among all other things, but it is 4:30 in the morning. I'm refraining myself from jumping out of bed and running down the street just to strangle you." I say as calmly as possible. "What is it?" I ask.

"Just calling to make sure you didn't skip town to get out of this concert." She giggles. I sigh deeply.

"I'm contemplating it right about now." I turn over onto my stomach. "Now seriously birthday girl, go to sleep. You don't wanna be half asleep while you swoon over your favorite artist huh?" I yawn.

"Trust me, I wouldn't fall asleep for ANYTHING, but I guess you're right. I'll be over at 12 Chancho. Getcho beauty sleep." She demands before hanging up. I sigh once again before throwing to the side, only to have it land on the ground below my bed.



"Alright, so the high waist side zipper shorts...or the bleached Super Rip Hayden jeans?" She questions while placing both items of clothing in the air and looking at me expectantly.

Is she serious right now?

"Um...honestly, they're both equally as provocative so just take I'll just go with...eenie meenie mi-"

"Mila! Come on! Can you please be serious for just this once?" She begs. I raise an eyebrow and tilt my head to the side, giving her an incredulous look.

"Can you? I mean come on, its just a Lauren Jauregui concert." I sigh. She widens her eyes and puts a hand on her hip.


"Alright that's it." She throws both pairs of bottoms to the side and takes out her phone. "Hm...we got 2 hours until the concert. I got time." She mumbles to herself. She comes over and takes my hand, yanking me up and pulling me to my desktop computer.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm going to make you that she's a good person." She states firmly.

"Look...I know all I need to know about little miss Lauren Jauregui here. Alright. She's a popstar. She's rich. She's every man and woman's dream girl and yada yada. Spare me any more details." I ramble.

She shakes her head as she begins typing something into my youtube search bar. Next thing I know, none other than the Lauren Jauregui's face appears on my screen.

"Aw no." I beg.

"Hi, I'm Lauren, and this is my crib."

"Since when do they still make MTV crib videos?" I complain.

"Shh! She's making a parody to be funny you goof!" Dinah smacks my arm.


"Now shh!"

"Yeah...actually there's nothing too special here actually, just...a bunch of useless space." She looks into the camera and shrugs before waving us inside as the camera closely follows.

"Alright so here." She points to the staircase. "Is a staircase." She grins and nods taking a deep sigh. "So many memories here. Like that one time yesterday when I tripped on the last step because I thought the journey down was over. I felt my life flashing before my eyes." She looks off into the distance and big words appear over the screen saying 'So Relatable!'

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