Chapter 42

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Lauren's POV

Time was not slowing down for anything. It's already been a month since that day at Camila's house. A month since I've seen my beautiful girlfriend. A month since I practically broke her heart with the news of my first world tour.

The original three months that I thought the tour would be was definitely the minimum that Steven had originally told me. It has now been bumped up to almost five. Finding that out almost killed me, and what killed me even more was having to let Camila know that I'd be gone for an additional two months. I would miss almost everything. I'm going to miss her graduation, all of summer break which I was hoping to spend at least one week with her if possible, and even when she starts her freshman year in college. Basically, I was just going to miss her, all of her and I don't know how I'd survive this tour without seeing her beautiful face.

"Please Steven?" I beg.

" We already have everything scheduled and it's not happening." He responds, hardly giving me a look as we make our way through my new tour bus, checking if everything was all set for next week; the start of the tour.

"Whatever happened to me having more creative authority now? Why can't I change one tiny thing about this tour?" I whine, hot on his trail as he quickly looks through bunks.

"Lauren..." He sighs, pivoting on his heel so that he can face me, his expression of exasperation making me halt as well. "We've let you change the set list a bit, you picked out at least two of your outfits, you basically demanded that your meet and greets be at least a half hour longer and now you want to make another tiny change?"

"Well don't make me sound like a diva." I cross my arms defensively, almost pouting at statement. "All of the things you just listed is what every performer should have a say in anyways I just finally brought it to light."

"Yes, and I apologize for not seeing that sooner and running all over you BUT," he points a finger in the air for emphasis. "...we performers also do not tie our personal and professional lives together, which is exactly what you're suggesting by begging to invite Camila on this tour."

"It would benefit us all if I say so myself, she's a ray of sunshine and a cutie, she could bring us all happiness on rough days." I smile. "Plus she could even join me on stage a couple of times eh?" I lightly jab his side, an even bigger smile taking over my features.

"To do what? Sing?" I nod in response. He slowly reaches up and dips his shades down to the bridge of his nose as he gives me an intent stare.

"You've seen the cover we put on YouTube, she's amazing. It'd almost be a crime not to invite her." He tilts his head to the side, obviously needing way more convincing than just my flattery of the brunette in topic.

"Besides, couples tour together all the time, and you heard that guy on television, we're the new power couple for teenagers out there." I try to reason a bit more.

He places his shades back over his eyes and turns around, starting back at his walk through of the bus, causing me to follow.

"Yes and that same guy's partner in crime bashed you guys not even two seconds after that compliment was made by referring to you as the 'sour couple'. Lauren we do not need anymore of that controversy on this tour." He shakes his head disapprovingly.

"The critics will never go away Steven. Whether or not Camila joins me on this tour, I will have some bad publicity going around for something or other so why not have the love of my life here to keep me grounded?"

He takes a seat on the couch in the back lounge, crossing his arms as I take a seat adjacent from him.

"The love of your life seems to cause more trouble when you two are together. Come on, one appearance at an awards show and Hollywood just blows up with rumors." He says.

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