Chapter 14

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"So honey, how was your date yesterday?" My mom asks as she helps Sofi get ready for school.

"It was...interesting." I say slowly as I grab the milk from inside the fridge. I go and sit down beside Sofi, who's currently being helped put on her backpack by my mom. I pinch her cheeks, receiving a small giggle from her as she reaches for a waffle on her plate.

"Mind telling me just who you went on this date with?" She asks, still not taking her attention away from Sofi's backpack.

"It was just someone..." I try beating around the bush.

I have yet to tell her that I went out with a famous singer. Not like it matters that much to me but knowing my mom, she'll flip out and ask millions of questions. All that she knows is that Dinah dragged me to a concert a few weeks ago.

She knows nothing about us becoming friends with an having an ongoing interaction with her. And since I don't really date people or show that much interests in relationships in general, I should have figured she'd be interrogating me as to how it went.

"Will I get to meet this someone anytime soon?" She continues to question, with her now full attention on me as she starts packing Sofi's lunchbox.

"Mom." I groan. "It was one date. Its not like we're gonna get married." I half-joke. "...but." I sigh reluctantly. "If you desperately want to meet her, she's coming by after school so she can give me and Dinah something." I shrug as I dip my spoon into my bowl of cereal and begin to eat it.

" least I know its a she." She smirks. Dammit. "That's a start." She chuckles noticing my annoyed expression and picks Sofi up off of the high bar stool she was sitting on and placing her on the floor, handing her the now filled lunchbox and grabbing her hand.

"I guess I'll just have to meet her this afternoon." She says. "See you later mija. Have a good day, I love you." She walks over to me placing a kiss on my forehead.

"I love you too." I say with a light smile. I bend down to meet Sofi's eyes as I pinch her cheeks again. "Have a good day butterfly queen 1." I kiss her forehead. "I love you." I smile.

"I love you too Kaki! Bye!" She waves rapidly as her and my mom walk out of the kitchen. I hear the door close and I start cleaning up my spot before heading outside where Dinah's awaiting in her car.

"Alright class, don't forget, you have a big test on Friday. Its worth 40% of your final grade this semester. Seniors! If you plan on graduating this year, I expect you study and make this test one of your best." Mrs. Kirk narrows her eyes at a certain few of us

I sigh deeply, ignoring her stern stare and insinuation. I look over to Dinah whose already looking at me with a sad smile. Both her and I know that Mrs. Kirk hates my guts ever since that stupid daydream I had and she finds every opportunity to make me look like some absentminded dimwit.

"Get into pairs and study for about a half hour before we go into review." The class silently cheers, everyone looking towards their best friends. "I don't mind if you work with your friends, but just know, if you fail, its obviously because you did not use your time very wisely." She points as she sits back down behind her desk.

Dinah immediately scoots her desk up next to mine as she pulls out all of her papers. "Let's see how long we can stay on task eh?" She smirks, knowing good and well that won't last long at all.

"Mmk." I take one of her sheets, too lazy to find my own. "Alexander Hamilton vs. Thomas Jefferson...go." I say while I point a finger her way.

"Okay well Hamilton was the one that believed in a strict interpretation of the Constitution right?" She raises an eyebrow, questioning if she got it right.

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