Chapter 21

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"What are you doing?" I ask as Lauren types away on her phone.

We had just gotten to my house and we were still sitting in her car. I was trying to find any reason possible to stay with her longer so I wouldn't have to go inside but I knew she had to go, so there was no use in trying to hold her up, no matter how bad I wanted to.

"Texting Dinah. She wanted me to text her if I found you, she was really worried." She says as she clicks the lock on her phone, sitting it down on the armrest between us.

I forgot all about my best friend. I never thought about how worried she must feel right now. I was suppose to call or text after my conversation with my parents, but instead I just ran, like I always do. I know she's worried, along with my mom. I was being quite selfish of anyone else's feeling but my own and that ultimately made me feel like a complete ass.

"Oh, ugh. I'm such a douche for not getting in touch with her." I facepalm myself.

"No you're not." She reassures me. "You're just dealing with it in your own way. She's your bestfriend, she knows you better than anyone. When I called she was totally understanding of everything." She explains.

"I'm still very certain I was being an ass." I huff. She takes my hand off of my face and I look at her. She's giving me a small smile. I feel my heart flutter at the way she's looking at me, calming my nerves in the process.

"Relax beautiful." She says softly. "Everything will be fine. If you need anything, call me, I don't care what I'm doing, I'm here for you, I promise you-why are you blushing?" She says as her eyes go wide in shock. I tried to cover my cheek with my hair, failing miserably and just chuckles.

"Is it corny to say my whole body lights on fire when you call me beautiful?" I ask shyly. She smiles widely and just shakes her head.

"Of course not...beautiful." She puts more emphasis on the word this time, making it sound even more melodic and raspy than the last time, making my heart swell, and I'm certain that I am now a deep crimson color by now.

"I don't wanna leave." I groan as I throw my head back on the head rest, the sudden realization that I have to step inside my house any second now, not appealing to me in the slightest.

"I can stay if you want me to." She smirks. I give her a playful glare and shake my head. "I mean I can just blow the fitting off and hold you all day long ya know?"

"As much as I want you to, you have things to attend to and sadly I do too...I'll text you later?" I ask, reluctantly opening her car door.

"No goodbye kiss?" She pouts.

"We're not official yet Jauregui, remember?" I smirk.

"That didn't stop you earlier." She mumbles. I try to repress a giggle at the thought of my boldness today and shrug.

"I was trying to make a point." I wave her off, a smile slowly appearing on my face.

"Oh point made..." She smirks. "Now I need to make a point as well."

"And what is that?" I raise my eyebrows.

She grabs my hand and slowly pulls me closer to her. Her eyes bore into mine, searching for any sign of hesitation but when she saw none, she pulled me in faster, until our lips finally met.

Our lips moved together slowly and tenderly. I raised my hands to grip both of her cheeks, not wanting to let go of her. I feel her lips enclose on my bottom one as her tongue swipes across, begging for entrance, in which I playfully deny her.

Next I feel her nibble on my lower lip, making me gasp in response, giving her all access to the inside of my mouth. I feel her tongue explore my mouth teasingly, before she pulls away slowly. She rests her forehead against mine. With both of our breathing uneven, she kisses my nose.

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