Chapter 26

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A/N: First off...100k views? Holy hell. Wow, didn't see that one coming at all. I'm glad you guys are liking this. Thanks ❤️ and for that, I'll try not to make this chapter too heart wrenching ;) (no promises)

Without any further curiosity to see where this conversation would continue to go, I ran upstairs. I tried not to be so loud in hopes that they wouldn't notice that I had been eavesdropping on them, but my body took on a mind of its own. O sprinted upstairs and once I got into my room, I slammed the door shut. The sound probably made an echo through the house but I honestly didn't care at this point.


Pack us up? Take us with him? What the hell is going on? Where was he trying to drag us along with him? He refuses to leave us behind again? What a fucking joke.

To some extent I wish I would have stayed and eavesdropped a bit longer just to the hope that some of the mind boggling questions in my head would've been answered. Then again, I don't know how much more of that conversation I would've been able to tolerate without either going in there to choke slam my dad or break down in tears.

It was pretty obvious that I had come into my house at the wrong time, or maybe it was the right time, fate always finds a way to destroy my happiness within time, and this was just another example of it. You can never get too happy before something comes to ruin it all, I've come to know that all too well.

If it wasn't a hassle enough to just have this guy around again, living here, sleeping here, eating here, kissing my mother here, now he's going to leave again...and try to take us with him? He's out of his mind if he thinks thats happening. My mom wasn't right, I was going to go down without a fight. I'll go batshit crazy before I even contemplate moving out of this house to follow a sorry, good for nothing man to who knows where.

I puff out a large breath before I sat on the right side of my bed. I placed both elbows on my knees, lowering my face into the palms of my hands, shaking it to fight my thoughts and possibly tears.

I stare at the carpeted ground below me as I repeatedly bounce my right leg up and down, jittery nerves consuming my body as I repress the urge to get up and slam my fist into my bedroom wall.

I feel my phone vibrate in my jeans pocket as I reluctantly pull it out. This is not the moment in time to have a phone conversation with anyone. I look down and check the caller ID, a smile almost grazing my face seeing her picture replace the banana filled background of my phone. I sigh knowing that, this wasn't going to be an all too great talk with my current state of mind. I was close to losing it and she seems to have a habit of trying to communicate with me when I'm close to losing it; but I know I couldn't ignore her. Even if I tried.


"Babe! I've missed your lovely voice. Dmac just got here but I gotta question..." Her voice carried so much excitement and jolliness that it was quite impossible not to smile at the adorable girl. I let a small smile inch onto my face before responding.


"What's your favorite color?" Her animated voice asks eagerly.

"You called me to ask my favorite color?" I raise my eyebrows.

"Ah ah ah." She interrupts me. "...aaaaand to hear your beautifully captivating voice. You left that part out." I can almost feel her stunning smile through the phone as I silently chuckle to myself, quite amused with the older girl and her antics.

"Blue." I simply answer.

"I knew it! Dinah wouldn't tell me." Her pouty tone making itself clear. Her voice feigned sadness along with the raspy sound emitting from her mouth that made my body heat up instantly. "...but I had a hunch. That's all though. I'll call you tonight Camz, so we can have a real conversation." She says happily. "I'd try to talk to you longer but Dmac is being a freaking weirdo and making kissy faces at me right now."

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