Chapter 40

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Camila's POV

I woke up groggily, my eyes heavy enough to make me want to go back to sleep for another set of 8 hours. In the midst of still being a zombie, I realized that I had woken up against my will because of course...Dinah was snoring and awkwardly positioned beside me. The large comforter that was perfectly placed on my bed the night before was now covering half of Dinah's body and also hanging half way onto the ground. Dinah had her leg across my abdomen, her arms loosely wrapped around my neck. Once I looked down at the younger girl and saw her nose nuzzled into the crook of my shoulder I immediately jumped away, falling off of the bed and hitting the wooden floor with a hard thud.

"Mila?" I hear her ask sleepily.

I gently lift my head off the ground, groaning in pain as I begin to rub my injured cranium. A glare engraved on my face as I began to lifted myself to my knees and off of the wooden surface below me. I looked up at my best friend who hasn't moved an inch from her previous position, her eyebrows now furrowed but her eyes remained closed.

"Mila?" She tried again.

"What?" I groaned, massaging the side of my head.

She finally tilted her head in my direction and slowly opened her eyes to address me in confusion.

"What are you doing on the ground?"

"Getting away from the sleeping grizzly bear." I mumble.

She rolls her slightly squinted eyes, still adjustig to the light that had seeped in from my window and feigns a laugh.

"How funny." She says dryly. "It's not like I really wanted to be stuck in here with you either Misses Cuddlebug."

"That's barely an insult."

"Yeah well it was barely appealing either. I love you and all Mila, but I'd rather you keep those squishy hugs and not so platonic ass grasps between you and Lauren, you sex obsessed cretan." She shivers.

"Please, I didn't see you even bother trying to sneaking out to go to Normani, you must have liked it."

"Whatever." She rolls her eyes once again. "You just can't deal with the fact that my ass is fatter than Lauren's and you couldn't help but give it a squeeze or two." With this she crosses her arms and dramatically turns over to face the door, which was now open, with both Ally and Normani standing there looking at us weirdly.

"Wrong time?" The shorter girl asks, looking between Dinah and I.

I pursed my lips together and smiled awkwardly at the two and shook my head. I rose to my feet and jumped onto my bed, smothering Dinah in a cuddly hug, pinching her cheeks harshly.

"Nope, just a little best friend shennanigans, right Dinah?"

She shrugs me off of her hard enough so that I fall on the floor once again with an even louder bang, hitting my knee on the way down, groaning as I hit the ground.

"Yeah that's about right." She snickers.

"Well, your mom told us that breakfast was almost ready, so i came over here to tell y'all that." Ally says brightly, ignoring the not so playful gesture between me and Dinah from before.

"Yeah and Mani just tagged along so that she could see her side chick." I pipe up, still laying comfortably on the ground.

"Side chick?" I hear Dinah ask incredulously. "And who's the main?"

"Ally, duh."

Upon hearing Ally's strangled gasp slash choke at my words I find myself cackling heavily on the ground, Dinah joining in as well.

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