Chapter 35

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Lauren's POV

I wake up, fluttering my eyes open to meet the white ceiling of the our hotel room, rubbing the sleep from my squinted eyes as the sun seeped through the curtains of the glass window of the balcony. My head suddenly fills with the memories of last night as I can't help but blush. The way she finally confessed her love for me in the midst of our argument...that surely shut my ass up.

She loves me.

Dealing with all this Austin crap, I was kind of doubting she had strong feeling for me at all. Knowing that now makes me feel like an asshole for not having any faith in my own relationship. I've been after her since I met her, I knew early on just how strong I felt about her. There wasn't one doubt in my mind, I knew that she'd become important to me. And now I have to learn to trust that it means just that much to her, even if it took her longer to come to terms with it than I did.

I breathed out a sigh of content as I feel the warmth of her body on top of mine. As I looked down and took notice to the new position we had shifted into overnight. She had managed to wrap her arms around my waist while both her legs were hooked around my left one. Her face was nuzzled into my neck, her steady breaths tickling it and sending shivers down my spine. And her hair was sprawled about my chest making her effortlessly adorable.

I looked over to the wall clock located above the tv in the room, squinting a bit to see better. 5:44, it read. I sink back down further into the bed, content with the amount of time we have until we have to actually get ready. I made my grip on her lower abdomen tighter, my thumb beginning to rub circles onto her bare back. I place a soft and lingering kiss on her hairline over the tiny mole located there, another cute trait of hers that I adore a little too much.

"I love you..." I hear her mumble against my skin.

I jumped slightly, thinking that she'd be fast asleep still considering the time. I've become accustomed to awaking at the most ungodly hours, so I wasn't surprised of my body's natural response of waking up at the time. She raises her head a little, blowing the stray hairs out of her eyes so that she can get a good look at me with a still dream-like look in her eyes. I take the hand that wasn't rested on her back and place them behind her ear, seeing as they fell right back over her chocolate eyes.

"I love you too...and you have an eye booger." I chuckle lightly, wiping the sediments from the corner of her right eye. When I was done she narrowed her eyes at me, feigning annoyance.

"Well good morning to you too." She breathes out sarcastically. "You'd think you would greet me differently this morning considering you just stole my virginity last night."

My eyes expand about 3 times their average size as I feel my heart speed up after her confession. I blink my dry eyes a few times slowly bring a hand up to point to myself in shock.

"I was y-your first?" She nods, raising her eyebrows at my surprise.

"Why are you so surprised? We're you expecting me to be some well experienced slut or something?"

"No no no babe, but I mean I guess me being your first definitely didn't cross my mind." I shrug, rubbing her arm assuringly. "Besides, you're gorgeous and you have this astonishing and alluring personality, who really wouldn't be all over you?" I smirk. She giggles into my chest before looking back up and kissing my chin quickly. "Then again, you weren't acting like it was your first time."

I squint my eyes, tilting my head a bit trying to remember if I had maybe missed anything from the previous night that would have indicated her lack of experience in the activity, but I couldn't come up with anything. And I think I'd know because I will never forget last night. Every single detail will be in my memory, because last night was a dream come true.

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