Chapter 44

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Camila's POV

I can't say she was what I always wanted...

If I was being completely honest, I didn't. I didn't want her. I didn't need her. I could be without her, her existence, her stupid green eyes that seemed to drag your soul from your body, her perfect plump lips that always seemed to carry that smirk. I didn't want that ruby red lipstick that coated those perfect lips and made them so kissable. I didn't want the little crinkles around her eyes that showed whenever she would smile that cute, that absolutely ridiculously adorable smile of hers.

Most importantly I didn't want her intricate mind that was more profound than she once let on to be. I didn't to dig deep behind her facade that she put on for the world or seek for that aesthetic in her hidden thoughts.

I didn't need it and I didn't want it.

Well, that's what I used to think.

"So you guys are going to be at the hotel when I get back right?" The hyper singer questioned over the FaceTime application.

We were all in the rental car that was purchased for us, Ally driving while I was in the passenger seat and Normani and Dinah had taken the back and were doing just about heaven knows what right now. We were on our way to the venue of Lauren's concert except has no clue whatsoever that we are. She believes that our flight was delayed and the girls had just picked us up from the airport.

"Right. We'll be there, I'm really sad I couldn't make it to your show tonight Laur." I feign a pout, causing my girlfriend to wave off my statement.

"Don't worry about it. It wasn't your fault that the flight got delayed. You're still here, I'll still get to see you, and that is the only thing I want." She smiles widely.

Oh if only you knew...

Her cheeks were puffed out from how hard she was grinning and I could see almost all of her teeth. There goes those adorable eye crinkles again.

"How do you manage to look very cute right now although your wardrobe almost resembles that of Betty Boop?"

"Should I be flattered or offended that you just labeled my look on a popular cartoon sex symbol?" She smirks and I shake my head lightly before she continues. "Besides this was just my outfit for meet and greet a little while ago." She slowly drags the camera down her body and I can see her (almost) outfit.

She had on a black bandeau top that just covered up what needed to, leaving practically nothing to my imagination especially since I had seen it all. Her toned abdominals were glistening (well at least they were to me) and I was salivating by the time the camera had panned down to her long white and flowing skirt.

"Just your outfit for meet and greet?" I raise my eyebrows as she pulls the phone back up to her face. "Lauren I don't need people taking pictures with you and getting all close and personal with the goods alright?"

Ally chuckles from the driver's seat, stopping at a light and leaning over into the view of the camera. "Yeah Laur, don't be handing out all of Camila's goodies okay?" She scolds the singer playfully, a stern finger wagging at my phone.

Lauren only scoffs and rolls her eyes. "Please, she knows it's all hers..." She seductively whispers, smirking playfully and earning a feigned gag from Ally as the older girl leans back to the driver's seat and takes off down the road again.

"...but don't worry Camz, they wanted me to just wear this but after some deliberation and sass from me they agreed to have me put on my leather jacket so that no one would put up a fit, especially my darling girlfriend." She exaggerated sweetly and I put on a cheeky smile, placing my tongue between my teeth and my right hand under my chin.

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