Chapter 11

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"I'll definitely need a rematch on that pool Dmac." Lauren giggles as she walks us to the door.

"Anytime dawg. Not like you'll win next time either but I'll be more than happy to whoop your butt again." She pats Lauren's shoulder.

"I actually have a few Miami meet and greets coming up. You guys should come to one. I'll get you guys some personalized backstage passes. We can hang afterwards...sound good?" She offers.

Of course there was no need for me to even try to protest because Dinah was vigorously nodding beside me.

"Uh duh we'll be there." She agrees. I send a small smile while lifting my eyebrows a bit, basically signaling that I also agree.

"Great. I'll send you guys the details." She smiles.

Dinah says her goodbyes, giving Lauren a tight embrace before heading off to the car, followed by myself who only sent an awkward wave Lauren's way before heading back to the car. Before I step a few feet away from the door I feel a hand grab mine and twirl me back around. I looked into the mesmerizing eyes of the singer whose had my emotions in a bundle ever since we met.

"Those meet and greets aren't starting for another week. How about you let me take you to this really cool cafe downtown tomorrow?" She asks with a nervous smile.

"Are you asking me out on a date?" I kink up an eyebrow, shocked at her sudden suggestion. She just shrugs at my question and chuckles a bit.

"Call it what you may." She puts her hands up in defense. "...but I wanna show you how serious I am about this..." She points in between the two of us. "This...friendship." She stutters out between gritted teeth, obviously not wanting to use that word to describe whatever our relationship is.

"Seriously?" I ask with still raised eyebrows and a shocked expression on my face.

"I like you, Camila." She intertwines our fingers. I look down at our hands and my heartbeat starts to run a 100 meter dash as I blush at her words and her affectionate physical contact. "...although I think that's pretty clear." She giggles. "I'm only trying to show you that. So if you'll have me...then I would love to take you on a date tomorrow." She rephrases. "...or a friendly outing." She says quickly. "Whichever you prefer...though I'd prefer a date." She mumbles under her breath.

With still flushed cheeks, I think about my options here. Maybe it wouldn't be the train wreck I'd imagine it to be. Maybe she'll actually prove to not be the complete asshole I pegged her to be.

Then again, I don't live in a fairytale where all my dreams come true. Not everything works out in the end. This is the real world. Real things happen in the real world. Including...heartbreak. And for whatever reason, that of all things makes me question relationships in general; not to mention a relationship with a famous singer.

"Give me one good reason why I should consider this 'date' tomorrow?" I say while putting air quotations around the word date.

"Other than the fact that I'm amazing and anyone would be thrilled to?" She says only half-jokingly. I return to my previous facial expression giving her an unimpressed look as I release her hand and cross my arms and balance all my weight on one leg.

"Kidding!" She widens her eyes. "Only kidding." She chuckles as I wait for another hopefully, better response to my question. She takes my hand again and squeezes it lightly as she looks into my eyes.

"...because I've never ran into someone more intriguing as you." She starts, now getting my attention. "You interest me. You're not like other people. You come off as a real hardhead and nobody knows what's going on inside that brain of yours, but I'd like to find out." She explains. "You listen to hot boybands but also seem to appreciate music with a more profound meaning. You seem complex..." She takes a breath. "You're beautiful." She smiles widely. "You're beautiful and I want to know you." She finishes.

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