Chapter 4

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"Why hello there." Her husky voice catching me off guard, sending a subtle smirk my way. Her dazzling emerald green eyes piercing into my dull brown ones and sending an unknown and tingly vibe through my body.


"H-h-hi." I hear Dinah stutter beside me, pulling me from my intense staring contest with the green-eyed singer.

I turn my head to see that she has the cheesiest smile on her face as she stares intensely at the girl. I stifle a laugh as I can see Lauren also stifling an adorable chuckle. She stands to her feet and walks from behind the table to embrace Dinah in a warm and loving hug.

Dinah being Dinah instantly wraps her arms around her idol and sighs in contentment. She may have been nervous, but if she ever got the chance to touch Lauren Jauregui, she'd do it. No ifs ands or buts. After about a few seconds, they pull apart and Lauren puts a hand on Dinah's shoulder.

"Happy Birthday..." She drags out trying to receive Dinah's name in return.

"Dinah." Dinah shouts rather quickly. She then chuckles nervously and then clears her throat. "Dinah Jane, also known as DJ and Dmac, you can call me whatever though. Not 'whatever' whatever like for a name, I mean if you wanted to call me whatever I'm down with that too but uh yeah." She finishes her rambles and sighs. I shake my head and facepalm myself.

"I can sense some nervousness there." Lauren chuckles. "We're all friends here eh? No need to be jumpy." She rubs Dinah shoulders comfortingly. "Anyways, Happy Birthday...Dmac." She winks. She then turns her attention to me and puts on that same smirk from before.

"This is my bestfriend Camila." She introduces me to the smirking girl. "Also known and Mila...Chancho-"

"Don't start up again Dinah please." I interrupt her.

"Right." She smiles.

"Well nice to meet you Camila. Did you enjoy the show?" She asks me.

I raise my eyebrows at the question and then wave my hand trying to quickly dismiss her assumption of me being a fan.

"Oh I just came because my dear ol' bestfriend here begged and pleaded me. She got the tickets as a birthday gift and there was no one else that she'd rather of taken." I reach over and playfully nudge Dinah's shoulder. "This isn't really my type" I grit my teeth.

"Oh really, what type of music do you listen to?" Lauren ponders.

"You probably wouldn't know any of it." I shrug.

"Yeah she's a bit of a weirdo when it comes to music dawg." Dinah chuckles lightly.

"Hm...try me." Lauren says crossing her arms and tilting her head upwards as if to challenge me.

Before I could respond we were interrupted by one of guards telling us that we have to quickly take the pictures and move along because our time was running out. We oblige and take a few pictures with Lauren, I making sure to distance myself from her and stand off to the side of Dinah mostly. I don't know why, I just feel like if I get close to her something weird would happen.

After the quick shoot I grab Dinah's arm and begin to carefully lead her away.

"Hey, wait! Uh maybe you guys can come to my dressing room and we can finish our conversation?" Lauren yells out while running up to us quickly.

Dinah nods vigorously.

"Actually we have to-" " stupid not to want to go to your dressing room, we'll be back there!" Dinah cuts me off. I glare at her and she smiles widely.

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